Have you ever gotten the urge to get rid of every piece of junk in your home? Of course, we have all been there at least once. You can either purchase or rent out a dumpster and do the cleaning on your own or you can hire a professional junk removal service.

You can go with either of the two solutions, each with its own set of drawbacks and perks. The overall cost for both also is poles apart and is usually determined by how much work needs to be done in your home.

The total cost of renting a dumpster or hiring a hauling service is heavily dependent on your specific situation.

Without the assessment of the place, it is hard to provide an accurate estimate, but generally, the price of hiring a full-time hauling service lies somewhere between $100 to $800. While the cost of renting a dumpster can lie anywhere between $300 to $500 every week.

The Cost of Professional Junk Removal Services

There are multiple influential factors that determine the cost of a junk removal service. Besides, different national and local hauling services have different rates; they may charge by the hour or by the number of haulers required. This is one reason why it is hard to provide an exact cost.

Moreover, many junk removal companies do not offer cost estimates online. They will provide you with a number once a supervisor has visited and inspected your site to evaluate the intensity of the job that needs to be done.

So, you will not find exact price estimates on the website or even on the phone. This is one drawback, in fact, that may make it difficult for you to compare and contrast the rates of different companies.

However, the factors that influence the costs remain consistent, and we will discuss those ahead so you can gauge a rough estimate on your own.

Factors that determine the cost of junk removal services

Once again, the cost of hiring a professional junk removal service will greatly depend on your area of residence. A credible company that charged $700 for a full truck removal in New York may only charge $400 for the same service in Kansas.

In fact, many companies do not even offer services in a small town and only operate in giant cities. Apart from the location, there are other factors that will determine the cost of the junk removal such as :

  • The requirements of the season
  • The demand of the client and the place
  • Cost of gas
  • Disposal charges
  • Time required to complete the job

The most important and influential factor that determines the cost of a hauling service is the amount of garbage and junk that needs to be thrown away. Let’s say a place can be cleaned by loading only half of the hauling truck as compared to a place that requires a full truck, the cost of the former will definitely be less.

On the other hand, the same rule does not apply to the dumpster. Regardless of the amount of junk that you have, a dumpster will colts you the same whether you fill it to the top or only use a quarter of its capacity. So, it is better to rent a dumpster that fits the requirements or the need of the place.

How can hiring a full-time hauling service help any homeowner?

There are multiple benefits of hiring a full junk removal service for someone that has a whole truck full of things to get rid of. If you are one such person, you can go on with your daily routine, perhaps enjoy a movie day out and leave the hauling job to the professionals. Just the heavy lifting that a professional does for you is worth all the money in the world.

Moreover, professional haulers are equipped with all the equipment, tools, and materials required for an efficient clean-up. This includes wheelbarrows and carts that can help clean up a place in a heartbeat. As a homeowner, you may not have access to such equipment neither the expertise to use any such equipment.

Hence, all in all, if you cannot spare time out of your busy day or access the equipment that can help you clean, you can hire a full-time junk removal service that can make your life a lot easier and simpler.

Why should one rent out a dumpster?

The million-dollar question is that if a rental dumpster costs the same as a professional hauling service, why should one rent a dumpster in the first place?

One main reason for renting a dumpster is that for junk removal you pay for a single-day service, however, you can keep the dumpster with you for as long as you require it. You have to pay for a week anyway so use it to the fullest.

You can use this dumpster according to your convenience and time. Simply fill it up with items whenever you see a pile of junk collection up. You can rent a dumpster for even months or purchase your own to avoid the accumulation of junk outside your yard or garden.

All in all, your local area and the amount of collected junk will determine the size of the dumpster you should rent out and whether it will be more beneficial than a full-time hauling service or not.

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