How Much Does It Cost to Have Someone Write Your Essay?

One of the common questions about studying help services has to do with their costs. Students typically aren’t one of the high-income groups of the population and, hence, must be extremely careful with their finances. After all, as statistics indicates, issues such as student debt significantly affect people, making it difficult for them to pay for anything other than college fees. In this article, we want to show you that many of the fears concerning the gigantic prices of the student help companies are incorrect. The services of the top studying help providers in the UK and USA are reasonable in the current conditions. More importantly, you can often buy a cheap studying sample because companies offer a wide range of customization options concerning deadlines.

Pricing Schemes

The first issue we would like to tackle in this post has to do with the pricing schemes of the average studying help services. Today, companies offer a large range of customization options for your personalized sample papers. Take CustomWritings as an example of a popular online paper writing service where you can enjoy getting someone to write your essay from scratch. When you order a task at the Undergraduate (years 1-2) level, you can expect to pay 16 dollars per page of your assignment if you set a deadline of seven days or longer. However, you will pay about 40 dollars if you need your sample paper to get done within a 4-hour period. Thus, everything depends on the difficulty of the order you have (a higher academic level requires more professional and thorough research) and the amount of time you give to the writers. Difficult orders with complex instructions typically represent significant stress for an average writer that is why services will make more money in such cases.

Minimizing the Price for an Average Order

Now you would like to know how to utilize the pricing systems mentioned above to your advantage. There are several ways to get cheap help for your tasks online at an average academic assistance website. Firstly, you can customize your prices. One of the best ways to minimize the cost is to set deadlines that are as large as possible. Big college papers usually feature deadlines that include several weeks of work. As a result, you can significantly decrease the price for an average essay by being ahead of the deadline. This method is also strong because it allows an average expert to review a larger number of sources and materials than in urgent cases. Your experience with academic assistance services will be much better if you give bigger deadlines to your experts.

Secondly, you can significantly improve the overall price of your sample paper if you use coupons. At CustomWritings, they offer some discounts. If you have placed an order at least once, you can get your writing at a low price if you use a coupon code. The second option includes referral links: if you are a returning customer, you can give a link to the website to your friends, for example. When they use custom writing services, both of you will get a bonus. Lastly, you can often save money in general: if all you need is an understanding of essay writing, you can use the library of free samples that many services provide.

Key Factors in Setting Prices on Essays

The last point we would like to make has to do with the factors that determine essay prices. Firstly, current prices in the market are what they are because it is difficult to find people with impeccable knowledge of English. In this regard, a typical issue of demand and supply arises. Secondly, the process of completing an original paper from scratch is far from being easy. Since it is not simple to write a text, experts have to receive the best standards of work through strong remuneration. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to ensure the high quality of services offered by essay help websites. Lastly, the need for infrastructure also impacts the price of the essays. Maintaining a large number of offices and offering many guarantees, such as free-of-charge revisions, money-back safety, 24/7 support, and constant chats with the writers is not a simple task. Hence, the current prices for essays are more than adequate in the current conditions.


Generally, prices for essays can vary from approximately 10 dollars per page in the lowest range of difficulty and deadline to more than 50 dollars per page for the most urgent and difficult requests. We recommend you ask experts to complete your paper long before the deadlines. An essay written within two weeks would typically cost two to three times less than the one prepared within a four-hour period. Thus, if you value your money, the best approach is to concentrate on being punctual. After all, when you have a four-hour deadline, it is typically extremely stressful to prepare your own essay on the basis of the examples.

Longer deadlines can significantly improve the quality of your work. Even though essay writers do their best to ensure the high quality of urgent services, it is much more difficult to find a large number of strong sources when, for example, you are time-constrained. In the end, if this post proved to be of interest to you, feel free to explore writing services out there. Many websites have outstanding reviews from customers, and it’s better to take into account what other people say before you place an order on any website.


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