People who buy from Microsoft resellers enjoy a lot of benefits. Being an authorised distributor instills confidence in the distributors and end-customers. A steady income is assured when you become an authorised reseller of Microsoft. The Microsoft distributors in Australia either sell services and products to resellers or directly to the end user/customer.

The resellers work like an intermediary between the distributors and end-customers. Though well-established companies prefer resellers, most services and products are first acquired by distributors and then sold to resellers or directly to the end-user.

How the end-customer benefits from buying from the authorised resellers:

They get the usage rights information
The dealers provide technical support
Software updates
Security patches
Technical support

How to become a Microsoft Reseller:

1. Open the Microsoft Partner website and click on the enrol option. Provide information about your company like name, address and type of business you are doing. After filling up the basic information, you can move to the next step, a subscription to the action pack.

2. Now subscribe to the Action pack solution of Microsoft. It has specific options for partners who do small and medium businesses. These options offer internal use, online technical support and sales resources for attaining sales goals and full-version software.

3. One has to complete the small business sales and marketing assessment to inform Microsoft about his/her company and their proficiency in areas like selling, marketing, building solutions for small businesses and overall planning. The Microsoft team needs to analyse their potential partner and their knowledge and ability in the concerning areas.

4. A small-business technical test has to be attended where you will be tested about your understanding of the software needs of small businesses, your knowledge on software and how these services will benefit small businesses. You are not just expected to sell the service but to provide assistance to the companies/individuals in the future.

5. A reseller account is mandatory through which you order volume licenses from an authorised distributor. The order of product/service is done by visiting the Microsoftpartner network and choosing from the list of authorised distributors in your area. You can choose the appropriate authorised distributor from your nearby area or the one you want to do business with.

6. Orders are placed after logging in to the reseller account. Put the required volume and business details like name and address. A reasonable volume has to be purchased from the distributor, and you can read the instructions from the seller.

The end-user will always benefit from buying and from the resellers, whether they are individuals or business. Getting the software and devices from the authorised resellers gives your company authenticity and trust from people. You will be updated with the current new software, you can provide uninterrupted service to the customer, and you support Microsoft itself.

Buying the licensed software from Microsoft distributors in Australia improves the reputation of your business and your customers. It is easy to provide technical support to the customer and give genuine service for a long period. Security issues are negligible if you deal with the authorised reseller or dealer, eliminating the data theft to a minimum level.

Data theft is the thing companies fear the most, and having a licensed software for your company tightens the firewall. Overall being an authorised reseller has a lot of benefits and increases your competitive advantage in the market.