Choose a Driver

Hey! I noticed that many here share tips on how to find a suitable driver for a passenger on BlaBlaCar. Basically, we will discuss how to distinguish an ordinary driver from a minibus. Chauffeur provides the best airport transfers or luxury taxi or driver-related services. They are one of the safest driver providers.

And I decided to collect them in one place!

These are the comments that pikabushniks have left under various posts with the tag “blablacar”.

Taxi accounts rarely go through long periods, they are usually added by this time for frequent cancellation of booking or for knocking passengers.

Uniform and detailed reviews

If a bunch of reviews is left in a short period of time and it is “well done, I recommend it” – it means that it was bombed with a high probability.

The status of an experienced or even an ambassador also gives a high probability of driving a normal car normally. However, he summarizes the first two points.

A telephone conversation is also useful, but these *** are also good at pouring into their ears, poisoning kulstori in order to impersonate an ordinary driver.

Well, this, if you still run into a taxi driver, it is better to refuse and look for another driver for the next few hours, especially if the direction is popular. Sometimes you can leave a couple of hours later, but get there faster, because bombiles like to fill their suckers to the top by driving into all sorts of villages along the way, and also avoid toll roads. ”

 Ask or pay attention to the car

If possible, find out how often it drives, how familiar the road is (you can ask the question in different ways). Someone manages to ride several times a day along the long distance.

  • Be sure to specify and agree on how many people and who else is traveling.
  • A normal carrier will not land 4 people if the car is frail.
  • Choose trips that guarantee 2 people in the back (unless it’s a Kruzak, of course).
  • Call (required) and once again specify the details of the trip and the meeting place, you can get him to talk a little. So you will hear the person’s voice, his mood and adequacy.
  • Once you get the whole picture, you can already decide whether this driver is right for you or not. “

In addition to the advice already received:

If a lada largus is indicated, a minivan or a car is not indicated at all, or 4 or more free seats – most likely it is a bus. Even if 4 seats are not on the bus, the three of us will not be able to get there with any comfort in the second row.

If nothing is written in the details of the trip, or only the place of departure and arrival is briefly indicated, and this is a bus station or a railway station – most likely it is a bus

Auto Arm – in my opinion, buses and minibuses are the main users of this function, it is important for them to quickly fill their pepelats and it does not matter who. As a driver, I always determine myself who to take, because I should be comfortable and