: How to Choose Nose Ring- A Beginner’s Guide File name: nose-ring-stores.
: How to Choose Nose Ring- A Beginner’s Guide File name: nose-ring-stores.

Nose rings are the second most popular form of body piercing, after earring. The trend of nose piercing is increasing with each passing day. More and more men and women in certain parts of the world are going crazy about the nose rings. The increasing trends have motivated nose ring stores to offer diverse types of rose rings.

s. As with every other jewellery, nose rings express your personality, and the type of ring you choose will say something about you. From a pretty diamond ring to rebellious, you can choose your ring style.

However, choosing a type of nose piercing can be difficult, especially with so many choices available. For beginners, finding the perfect piercing can be confusing.

Here are at 5 popular types of nose piercing available to you:

1. Nostril Piercing

The most traditional and popular form of nose ring is the nostril piercing. In nostril piercing, you can choose either the left or right nostril based on your preference and comfort. The commonly used type of jewellery with a nostril piercing is a stud or a nose ring. This is placed just at or above the groove of the nostrils curve.

2. Septum

This is the most popular style of piercing among people these days due to its versatility and style. Usually, septum piercing is more complicated as compared to nostril piercing, and needs to be done only by a skilled nose piercer. In this type of piercing, the piercer will choose the area where there is an absence of cartilage (such as the web or skin where the cartilage and the bottom of the nose meet).

3. High Nostril

High nostril, as the name suggests, is a variation in nostril piercing. Here the ring is pierced at the highest point before the bridge of the nose begins. If you are looking for a unique and stylish nose piercing spot, you can go for a high nostril. But remember, a high nostril pierced is pierced in one of the thickest parts of the nose and is hard to reach, so piercing can get complicated. Chooser the piercer carefully.

4. Bridge piercing

The bridge piercing is done horizontally across the bridge of the nose, and is known as surface piercing. However, as a surface piercing, the chances of the body rejecting the jewellery are higher. In this, what the body does is to push the foreign body (in this case the jewellery) outwards towards the surface of the skin in an effort to heal. If this happens, the best you can do is let the hole heal.

5. Rhino piercing/ vertical tip

The rhino piercing, or also known as vertical piercing, is quite unique. It always involves a curved barbell, that runs from the tip to the bottom of your nose. For this piercing, you can choose a straight bar, but this might as well get a little complicated.

Best nose ring to start with!

For beginners, the best nose ring to start with is simple nose piercing. Nose piercing is not like ear piercing. Many people do not find it comfortable later and then end up with pain and hole in the nose. The best is to try with simple piercing and if you are comfortable with it, go for the other piercing options.

If you do not want your nose ring to be too attention-grabbing at the start, choose a ring with a higher gauge, such as 24 or 2 gauge.

Choosing a nose ring is a big decision. Make sure you choose the best nose ring store to express your style statement. Artwell’s Body Art is one of the best stores to buy beautiful and trendy nose rings.