Watches are not only a fashion accessory, but there is a huge market out there and advertising campaigns that sell watches for fashion purposes. Sometimes even having one make or model is not enough and there is a need to go for different designs for different occasions. As such watches have their own class and fashion style.

Since we live in a diverse world, fashion and trends continue to change. However, the watch niche’s main appeal has not changed much. Wearing a good watch has always been considered classy or and sophisticated. Others are there for tech geeks such as Smartwatches, which is a watch built both for convenience and fashion appeal.

In some work environments or social classes, watches often define you as a modest gentleman who values his sense of belonging. It can also spell wealth!

The German Watch Industry

Today one watch niche that mixes useability, durability, and fashion appeal is the German watch making industry. German made watches have a reputation for their durability and what’s more is that should you happen to have an accident, because of their design, they are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix.

In the end style and strength is the key!

Digital Watch Industry

In the digital watch industry is also booming, in particular Smartwatches. For the most part Smartwatches are not only a fashion accessory, but they are also a convenient way to monitor health or as a voice search engine. Smartwatches can also be seen as a fashion statement.

Smartwatches offer convenience and digital tools!

Watch Boxes

There are also add-on niches to the watch industry, such as watch boxes. Some people go out of their way to purchase a nicely designed watch box to store their watches while they are not wearing them. Now if you want to take that one step further, there are custom made watch draws, holders, and even safes designed with watch holders inside them.

Watch boxes are a niche unto their own!

Watch Straps

Another niche area in the watch industry is watch straps. Changing strap rather depends on the watch you buy. For example, it is highly unlikely you will buy a Rolex and change the strap. However, for some, being able to change the strap is a big deal. It may to change the colour to match your shirt, suit or mood. There are different materials you can use as watch straps with leather arguably the most popular.

Having the ability to change your watch strap is something quite a few watch people look for in a watch!