Any project with a trailer manufacturer starts with technical requirements. Usually, they are formed and sent by a mechanic. Regardless of the size of the car company, the type of its business model, and the position occupied by the mechanic, the efficiency of the mechanic’s work is an indicator of the fulfillment of the conceived plans. If you are looking for offroad camping trailers, then visit Teardrop Trailer manufacturers .

Fulfillment of the desires and dreams of logisticians, work with drivers, issues of operation and repair of rolling stock are closed on the mechanic or the unit headed by him. Being under constant pressure, on the one hand, from the management and logisticians, and on the other, from the drivers, the mechanics of most enterprises actually constantly extinguish the emerging “fires”. This type of work organization is considered common practice in Russia. It adds value to mechanics and has a significant impact on market-shaping. For a practicing mechanic, a specialist who does not “put out fires” is a theoretician and is treated with some disdain and sometimes even arrogance. Government agencies like to rely on this practice.

Technical requirements

Often, at the beginning of communication, you receive an abbreviated description of a trailer of some brand: “Please, do exactly the same, with minimal changes, if necessary. The main thing is the price! ”

Over the years, such requests have developed a prepared answer: “Sorry, but your requirements describe the technical characteristics of a model from one of the manufacturers. They have their own vision, we have ours. For our solution to be effective, it is necessary to formulate a transport problem. We do not produce a model of a trailer for our colleagues. ”

When I looked at the initial specifications in this story, I felt a little relieved. In contact – a professional. Rarely are the characteristics of load securing devices initially paid attention to: “We take the Jumbo semi-trailer with the lowest rear end as a basis, remove the superstructure and leave the bare platform. Instead of 23 pairs of clamps for fastening lashing belts with a load of 2500 daN, we install 10-12 pairs of rings with a load of 5000 daN. Please specify the permissible unit load on the lower part in the basic configuration. ”

Trailer driving

The main part of the semi-trailer is the frame. It consists of two longitudinal spars of variable height, made, as a rule, in the form of an I-beam, and transverse connecting beams – traverses, which are surrounded by an external frame around the perimeter. Since the beginning of the XXI century, an active process of optimizing the weight of semitrailers has been going on, therefore, the design of the frame and, in general, a semitrailer of the same type, depending on the permissible load, can vary greatly.

Any semi-trailer is subject to two main types of loads. One of them is the longitudinal deflection of the frame under the weight of the load. With an unsuccessful design or overload, the semi-trailer can “fold”. The design of the side members is responsible for preventing this destructive effect.