How to create Homemade Lotion

Lotion Boxes encase an item that seems the epitome of aroma and moisture for the skin, leaving it silky soft and smooth. This packaging assures the handiness and easy availability of the item to be used for the purpose intended. It has quite a flexible nature and caters to the needs of various container sizes, shapes, and styles of the moisturizer.

For the moisturizer’s texture to remain intact, this packaging is made out of card stock and Kraft stock that is known for its conduciveness to any irregularities in atmospheric conditions and water- resistance. The art and design of this packaging are done in accordance with the target market. A good mixture of colors adds life to the packaging as well. In addition to this, imprinting and labeling suggest the customer with the most suitable moisturizer for their skin type.

Who doesn’t like slathering on some lotion on cold winter mornings? This item is made to vanish all the worries associated with dry, dull, and rough skin, and for that matter, Lotion Boxes play a vital role in bringing you the best moisturizers. These moisturizers are available in every cosmetic retail store, and each brand has its own way of making these moisturizers to cater to the needs of customers. However, with its ready-made availability, one still needs to know some of the ways to make this moisturizer at home.

Ingredients Required:

  • Sweet almond oil 150grams
  • Butter 30grams
  • Lavender oil 30drops
  • Beeswax 6grams
  • Vitamin E oil ½ teaspoon
  • Distilled water 1 cup

Blender is the foremost object that is required for a perfect mixture of all the ingredients. Ensure that you are using clean utensils to avoid any bacterial attack. Usually, sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, and soap are recommended for deep cleaning of the utensils. Note that the moisturizer is made must not be exposed to any harsh atmospheric conditions or bacteria to protect it from rotting away at short notice. For that matter, Lotion Boxes are made from Kraft stock that lasts a long time and protects the item from catching any moisture and losing its texture and quality.

Now take all the ingredients except water and pour them one by one into a glass bowl. Once all the ingredients are poured, blend all of them in a blender well enough for a smooth feel. Ensure that the mixture must have a velvety texture to it. Any roughness in the texture would not give the desired results. Also, Lotion Packaging ensures that this texture remains intact till the moisturizer’s last dosage of consumption.

Take a saucepan and fill a quarter of it with water. Place the glass bowl containing the mixture on the top of the saucepan and heat it up over a low flame. Bring the water and mixture to boil until everything melts and completely submerges. While everything mixes up with heat, make sure to stir it evenly.

Let the heated mixture cool down a bit. Once you feel the mixture is cool enough to be touched, pour it into the blender. Make sure the mixture seems thick and creamy and not hard. Custom Lotion Packaging Boxes holds the final product in such a way that the texture of the final product remains velvety soft, given the temperature is suitable.

It’s now time to add some vitamin and lavender oil to the cool mixture. Use a stirrer to give the added oils a good stir for proper blending for a few seconds. These ingredients are quite essential for the skin to feel soft and supple. Custom Printed Lotion Boxes imprints label to inform customers about the ingredients that have been added in making the moisturizer, so they know its suitability to their skin.

While the mixture is slowly being blended, take the blender’s lid off and start pouring some distilled water into it. Blending is now the key. The more you blend, the smoother would the texture be. Keep the blender low on speed.

Gradually increase the speed of your blender now and do it for a minute or two.

Once blending is done, your eyes will see a mixture with a smooth finish, ready to be poured into a jar or bottle and away from sunlight. Custom Lotion Boxes USA ensures a perfect sustainable packaging for your moisturizer to stay protected from intense temperature to avoid the item getting bad or losing its texture.

Lotion Boxes have proven to be one of the most resilient yet compatible packaging solutions for your favorite moisturizers. It is cheap and offers customers the best value for money. The fear of item spilling, rotting, and container breaking does not exist as the packaging carries the item in the most efficient manner. As packaging is easy on pocket businesses, tend to buy them in large quantities to attain cost cuttings. Custom Lotion Boxes Wholesale assists businesses in achieving their point of optimization through low-cost benefits.

Your favorite moisturizer does need an outer covering to protect it from any existing and potential damages. For that matter, Custom Boxes have come to the rescue! This packaging assures the safe handling of the moisturizer till the time it is slathered on your skin.