Australian citizens

How to get Indian visa for Australian citizens

Indian citizens can now visit Australia easily with a simple online search. Besides, Australian citizens can now get a visa with the help of online visa application portal.

Indian citizens can travel to Australia with a free Indian visa. They can also use their Australian passports as a proof of identity.

The Australian government is changing its visa policy for Indian citizens. It has recently decided to extend the visa duration for Indian citizens by one year. Up to now, Indian citizens were able to stay in Australia for a maximum of six months. In order to accommodate this change, the Australian government has extended the visa duration by one year and permitted Indian citizen up to 10 years of stay in Australia. So, it’s easy to take Indian visa for Australian citizens.


How much does a visa to India cost from Australia?

A number of people from around the world are trying to get a visa to India. This can be a very complicated matter and not for everyone. To help you prepare for your visa application, I have put together this guide that covers everything you need to know about visas to India.


Do Australian citizen need visa for India?

A recent survey shows that Australians are concerned about the cost of a visa for Indian citizens. However, the number of Indians applying for Australian visas has not gone down in recent years. A visa is not a consideration but an option while buying a house or business here. So, you can apply for Indian visa from Australia.


Do Australian citizens need a visa for India? If so, then what are the steps required to obtain it?

Australian citizens have been flocking to India for a long time. And, as per recent reports, there is also a sharp rise in the number of Chinese citizens who are moving to India from Australia.

Australian citizen should apply for Indian visa, if they are currently living in India. If they are not, then they should apply for visa soon.


How long does it take for Indian visa to be approved?

When it comes to immigration and foreign visas, the Indian government is a little unpredictable. Sometimes, it takes weeks to get an approval for a visa, sometimes only a few days. However, there are some clear implications that come with each of these delays:

The US Embassy in India has confirmed that it will not grant a US visa to any tourist or student who plans to come from India on a tourist visa. It is understood that the Visa Office of the US Embassy, New Delhi was quoted as saying that: “We do not accept visas for tourists on a one-year-stay or student visas”.


India eVisa Requirements for Australian Citizens

India is the largest exporter of aerospace products and services to Australia. India’s aerospace sector has a huge export potential, as it is one of the most value-adding industries in the world. However, Indian companies have to apply for visas with eVisa in Australia.

It is not just the UK, but India too has a long standing eVisa requirement for Australian citizens. Indian citizens can travel to the UK visa-free, but they need an eVisa to travel to Australia.

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