dog smell

How to get rid of dog smell

We love our dogs but we don’t like smells that are somehow their identity. Our love for our pets encourages us to find solutions. Let’s find them.

Dogs sweat through their feet, they have oily skin, and their ears build wax. These are the reasons why dogs smell. Well, no need to worry. We are going, to sum up,the method you can follow.


Sweep and sweep:

The first step is to sweep all junk waste your pet elicits. From their dander to hairs and dirt they trap inside their hairs. Sweep all dirt, dander, and hairs completely from your floors. Then mop your entire house floors and hard surfaces.


Vacuum your house:

Now it’s time to clean carpets because they are more exposed to diseases produced by dog sweat and fluids. Completely clean your carpets using a vacuum. Plus vacuum all the curtains and furniture. While vacuuming be sure to completely clean all the corners of carpets, sofa, and curtains to ensure proper cleaning. Because these fluids can cause allergies to you and to your dog.


Steam your home carpets:

The next step is to steam all carpets to get rid of bad odor. You can also contact some professional steam clean services. Keep your dog away from cleaning because carpet bad odor can trigger the dog to tinkle. It’s also mandatory to use pet-friendly carpet cleaning chemicals while steaming carpets.


Wash clothes and coverings:

Wash all of your home clothes and covering comes directly in contact with dogs. Do wash these clothes once a week.


Wash dog beds:

Wash your dog’s bed every week. You can also purchase a washable dog bed. It will reduce the headache of washing.


Keep your dog’s hygiene:

To avoid smell it’s important to keep an eye on the dog’s hygiene and home cleaning at the same time. Give a bath to your dog once a month. For bath purposes always use mild shampoos specially designed for dogs.

Completely dry your dog after every bath because moisture can produce odor-causing bacteria.


Sprinkle baking soda:

Baking soda? Yes! For clothes you can’t give a wash you can use baking soda on them. Spread baking soda over these fabrics and leave it overnight. The next morning clean away all the baking soda with any wet piece of cloth. At last, you can vacuum that piece of fabric and you are all set.

You can also do this on your carpets.


Air your house:

You should air your house regularly by opening the windows and doors of your home.


Use air purifier and filters:

According to 360 Dog Walker “For the sake of reducing bad odor use an air purifier, this will kill fungi and bacteria in the air. Use air filters and regularly change them.”



We love our dogs but smells sometimes bother us. But that’s not something we can’t get rid of. To get rid of these smells always clean your clothes, home furniture, carpets and covering regularly. Keep your hygiene and your dog’s hygiene on priority and bathe your dog once a month. At the same time don’t miss out washing your dog’s bed.



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