How to Get the Right Winter Cycling Gear


The US Parks Service reports that usage of the National Parks system has skyrocketed since the events of 2020. Park attendance has more than tripled in the past three years. These amazing natural resources became extremely attractive to a populace that was trapped at home during the pandemic.

Rangers believed that once the vaccine was created and distributed to any American who wanted it that attendance would drop back down to pre-pandemic levels. But they were wrong.

Once people got a taste for hiking, cycling, and recreating in some of the most beautiful, unique, and treasured landscapes on the face of the earth, there was no going back.

Unfortunately, along with the rise in attendance, there was also a rise in the rescue rate. A higher percentage of the people who were entering the park had to be brought out by trained professionals.

The numbers painted a clear picture. Many of the park visitors were new and enthusiastic about their new hobby, but in spite of their enthusiasm, they hadn’t learned everything they should in order to keep themselves safe. Click here for more information about Search and Rescue operations in our national parks.

The number one most common thing that leads to search and rescue operations is a lack of proper gear. People visiting the park failed to bring the essentials that would have prevented an emergency from emerging.

All it takes is a little research to arm yourself with all you will need to have a fun and exciting time. Winter cycling is great exercise and can contribute to your overall health in positive ways.

Winter cycling is a sport that has grown in popularity over the past few years, just like park attendance. Interested outdoorspeople can train all year round in order to enjoy their vacation. Just like any other outdoor activity, it is important to have all the right winter cycling gear on hand to ensure that you will be safe and comfortable on your outing. In this article, we’re going to give you the information you will need to stay safe.


The single most important thing you’ll need to secure before travelling is the right clothing. That is because the right clothing can keep you warm even if you happen to get lost.

The most important thing to keep in mind about cycling clothing is that you’ll need to dress in layers. That is because you’ll want to shed outer layers as you start to heat up to avoid sweat pooling and lowering your body temperature.

Many outdoorspeople choose to wear a vest on top of their other layers because it is easy to remove and keeps the arms free. It can be stored in a basket on your bike if you get too hot.

Unlike summertime sporting activities, sweat is not your friend in the snow. It can lower your body temperature and cause you to catch hypothermia. Make sure you’re prepared with high-quality, warm gear that is easy to move in and remove before you get overheated, because it won’t be long before your body temperature crashes as a result.


Water and Other Provisions

Winter cycling is a highly physical activity. The snow provides resistance that makes it a great workout. Just think about running on the beach and how much more effort it takes to lift your feet out of the sand than off of the blacktop surface of the road. That will give you an idea of what to expect when you’re winter cycling.

Because it is such a great workout, you can expect to burn thousands of calories when you’re out on your adventure. It is extremely important that you are prepared for this. Bring high-calorie snacks like trail mix, nuts, croutons, and fruit to help you quell your hunger.

Water is even more important than food. Even though it will be cold outside during your winter cycling excursion, you will still want to bring enough water to keep you hydrated. You cannot rely on the snow as a water source because it will probably be soiled.

Instead, you’ll want to pack your own water to help see you through the trip.

There are many different kinds of things to keep water and food in. You’ll want to choose something that will seal tightly so the smells won’t attract any unwanted wildlife attention. Click the link: for more information about how much water you should be bringing along for the ride.

Have Fun!

The most important thing for you to bring along on your journey is your sense of fun. The world is wide and out there just waiting to show you its mysteries. Expect the unexpected, plan for the worst, and you are sure to have a great time.

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