spelling bee words

To stay competitive in this fast-changing world, everything should be accelerated. Nobody has got extra time to sit back and progress gradually. Also, upgrading skills is essential to keep up with time. Additional training has become vital to advance their careers. No matter what type of training or skill you want to grow, you have to be a quick learner. Want to learn a foreign language or a new technology? Learn how to grasp things quickly. Take a look at some tips that would help you to retain something faster.

1. Become A Teacher

No, we don’t mean it literally, but the subject you are working on teaching that to someone else works really well. You can speed up your learning by teaching someone else. It will help you remember more with fewer efforts. The changed and upgraded mind-sets let you engage into effective approaches. The preparations you would do to impart the lesson will help you revise the concepts and push you to go deeper. You can also think about the questions regarding all topics and subtopics.

2. Learning In Chunks

If you are preparing for spelling bee words or any other competitive exam, study for short bursts of time. According to experts, the best duration for studying is 30 to 50 minutes in one go. Something less and something more can be too less and too more for the brain, respectively. Take a 5 to 10 minutes break from your work to freshen up and rejuvenate your mind. Frequent and small learning sessions are better than infrequent ones.

3. Recalling Is The Key

Your brain should replay what you have just learned. Your mind should revisit the pathways that make it retain for a more extended period. Doing so repeatedly strengthens the connections and memories. So, nodding to reviewing notes and flashcards is highly recommended. Some lifestyle changes can result in improvement in memory, and the most prominently said is sleeping on it.
Taking a power nap and having a good night’s sleep makes a huge difference. Many psychologists have experienced that sleeping protects our brains from forgetting our memories. If you are critical about your learning and memory, then you must try it.

4. Using Technology

The Internet is becoming our friend these days. It is helping us to reach all corners of the world. Here, too, the creative apps & online tools are acting as a boon for the learning part. The visuals and online facilities are even helping us during the lockdown. The insane outbreak of coronavirus delayed everything, but learning took the pace very quickly. All thanks to the internet, tech geeks, and tools. There are video channels, websites, and applications working dedicatedly to improve our knowledge and skills. Spellquiz.com is one of them that contains a lot of visuals and creativity, making it easy for us to learn and retain. Try it today and share your experience with others.

5. Get Moving

A critical pillar of health is exercise. It would help if you got yourself moving to get more oxygen to your brain. Exercising daily helps to get a healthy and good flow of oxygen-filled blood to the brain. Moreover, it has also been found that aerobic exercise can improve your memory too. It triggers a protein called cathepsin B that, after traveling to the brain, triggers neuron growth. Your question of how to increase attention span would be solved after following a proper workout routine.

6. Changes In Diet

Yes, with the diet, you can improve your memory. Eating healthy is an essential lifestyle-based recommendation by experts. If you love eating trans and saturated fat, you move towards a life with poor memory. Why? It is because the built-up cholesterol around your heart can also build in your brain. Healthy food is found to see lower rates of memory decline. So, rely on seafood, fruit, olive oil, vegetables, and other foods filled in unsaturated fats. And see yourself rising.

7. Trying Common Mnemonics

To quickly remember phrases and words, try one of the widely used methods called mnemonics. Here acronyms and expression mnemonics to remember the lines in a creative and fun way. Also, music mnemonics provides a format and structure of information to encourage repetition. When compared, remembering a catchy song is more accessible than a long string of words. Try this powerful mnemonic idea and share which songs you have composed to retain the required knowledge.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the widely tried and tested ways of improving our memory to learn things faster. Practicing them regularly would let you create a memory palace in your brain. Trying a more visual approach to learning concepts quickly. You can also try turning the sound of names into some funny imaginations. Hence, solving your purpose.
Good Luck and keep Learning