Roast Coffee Beans

Almost all people today drink coffee and only a few wonder what preceded this well-known beverage. If you belong to a group of interested people, now might be a great time to learn some of the methods of making coffee. Some of the most important things are where to buy coffee beans to roast, coffee roasting temperature, and coffee roasting techniques, how to cool roasted coffee beans, but also some specific types of coffee like coffee made of green coffee beans. More and more people are trying to prepare this popular beverage in their own homes.

The way coffee is roasted and the temperature at which the coffee beans are roasted is essential for the final product.

Roasting necessities:

If you want to roast coffee beans professionally, you need a few things, like a rotating drum. The drum needs to be pre-heated to a temperature of around 240 degrees, and after that raw coffee beans are put inside.

In case you don’t have a roaster, you can always use a popcorn popper. There’s no need to buy expensive roasting machines and other professional equipment. You should put popcorn popper in a place where you have some light because you will want to see a difference in color during the preparation. Also, the room should be well ventilated in case you have some smoke showing around.  The measure of coffee beans is like the popcorn measure, around half of a cup. When talking about the time needed for roasting coffee beans, there are a lot of variables that you need to keep in mind. Things like humidity, type of coffee beans, type of roaster, or popcorn popper, oven, air fryer, but also your preferences.

But you can also easily prepare them at your home, in the oven. If you decide to make them in the oven, you will need something to put them on where they will be evenly spread. The cookie tray may be the best option for this because the beans will be evenly exposed to the heat of the oven. They’re good to go after 5-10 minutes approximately. This is good for saving time and your money.

One of the things you should know is that the lighter the beans are, the more caffeine it will have. Contrary to a popular belief, lighter beans have more caffeine in them, while the darker ones are less rich in caffeine. Time is the essential thing while roasting beans, the line between a perfectly flavored cup and a ruined batch can be very thin.  Besides the duration of roasting, the type of beans is also very important.

Unroasted coffee beans are green, and while some people expect that familiar fresh coffee smell, they don’t smell like that at all. Raw beans can sometimes be somewhere between beige and light muddy brown color, besides being pistachio green color. By using them, you will always have freshly made cup of this finest, good quality drink. They are easy to find now, some specialized shops have raw coffee beans in their offer. You can, also, order them on the Internet.

The advantages of making it in your home are numerous. First of all, you will always have a fresh cup to drink, and you can make it just the way you like it.

There is some advice for beginners who want to master the art of making fresh cups of Joes at their homes.

After buying raw green beans in the store, you can start preparing them. Keep in mind that they will shrink in size double, so you will have half of an amount you had in the beginning. This is good to remember if you have a specific amount in mind because then you will need to buy twice as much. Now you are ready for the next step which is drying beans before you roast them. Drying is important since coffee bean has humidity level around 8–12%. It doesn’t last too long, just a few minutes, approximately 4-8 minutes. Now you can start roasting them in the roaster or in any other type of roasting machine you have available at your home. Once you have put them in the roaster, they will change their color from original green to yellow, but when they start to get the brown hue, you can expect the cracking sound, which suggests that beans should or already are ready. The cracking sound is quite similar to the sound of popcorn cracking, and this sound is signalizing that the process of roasting will be over soon.

Even though it seems that all is done, this is the part when you should pay the most attention to your beans. They can burn easily so you should stir them frequently and watch over them. This is important because once they are burnt it will not end good, you will end up with a bunch of bitter-tasting beans with no use.

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