How To Rock Winter Outfits like Male Celebrities
How To Rock Winter Outfits like Male Celebrities

How To Rock Winter Outfits like Male Celebrities

Winter is coming, and so is the season to flaunt layers and loads of fashion style. Whenever we get confused about the class to carry, we always look to the way celebrities do it. And most of the time, we follow their style in the wrong way and end up looking not so good. Gentlemen, this winter, get ready to dress like celebrities. From teens to the sugar daddies, we will try to cover the style of every age group. Here are the best ways in which you can rock winter outfits like male celebrities. Take a look.

Tom Holland’s College Look

Tom is one of the youngest celebrities in the industry who has gained millions of followers in a brief time. Most of his followers are youngsters, so here is the perfect example of wearing casual attire to the college. Tom can be seen wearing a thin sweater over a casual shirt, and to protect from the chilly winds, there is a jacket above all. The sweater keeps you warm, and the jacket prevents the cold wind. Also, this is an excellent way of layering in winters. This look appears perfect on the lean boys.

Chris Hemsworth’s Simple Denim Jacket

Next on the list is another casual attire, a denim jacket over a hood. Chris Hemsworth wore this in the third edition of the popular franchise movie Thor Ragnarok. Look at the way how elegant but straightforward he is looking in this simple attire. You have to keep in mind that you must wear the bottoms in contrast while sporting this look. For example, if your jacket is of a lighter color, then your bottoms should be of a bit darker color and vice-versa. If you don’t want to wear a hoodie under the jacket, you can again go for the jackets with a hood attached to them.

Style it like Beckham

One of the most successful and influential footballers David Beckham, is widely known for his sex appeal. Even after retiring from the game, he always in the limelight because of his good looks and fantastic dressing sense.  This sharp look by Beckham is the best example of how to sport a black leather jacket. This attire is perfect for several occasions. You can wear it to a party or just for a casual outing. Also, you can sport a leather jacket in both unzip and closed look. Often these jackets are a bit expensive than the rest but not in the Black Friday Deals. There is still some time in the Black Friday to arrive this season, but you can check the Black Friday Predictions 2020 to get an idea about this year’s deals so that you don’t miss the chance to grab the best offers.

Formal Look By Ryan Reynolds

Ryan is one of the most handsome men, as per many fashion magazines. His title is not because of his good looks only, but how he carries his dresses is a reason behind it. In this picture from one of his movies, he is wearing a perfect attire for the office. If you are already impressed by this look, you will rock this look when you wear something similar to your office. The critical thing here is the sweater. Gentlemen, your sweater must be thin, soft, and warm. If you wear those tacky thick sweaters with the jacket, then it will be a turn-off. Also, the way he is layering makes him look super smart and chiseled at the same time. You can again wear an overcoat in place of the jacket that Ryan is wearing.

Daniel Craig, with his fantastic style

The name is Craig, Daniel Craig. Famous for revitalizing the James Bond series, Daniel Craig is another hell of a person who knows how to carry dresses. You can see him looking super amazing in every type of clothing he wears. Here he is wearing a puffer jacket over a pair of denim. Puffer jackets are trendy among the masses. They are lightweight and easy to carry, plus they are super warm.

Moreover, they are perfect for moist winters and rain. Every man should have at least one such jacket in their winter wardrobe. You can also wear a puffer jacket with a pair of trousers for a semi-formal or casual meeting.

Tom Hiddleston Fresh Look

Next on the list is Chris Hemsworth’s on-screen brother, Loki, aka Tom Hiddleston. Now you know why he has a long list of female followers. He is wearing a simple waist-length coat with all buttoned up and pairing with grey color pants and a pair of simple yet elegant shoes. This is the perfect example that you don’t have to try too much to look super impressive. You just need to understand the way how to dress. Most of the dudes like the unbuttoned look, but here is the perfect example of a buttoned look. It would be best if you gave it a try.

Accessories Like Zac Efron

How can Zac Efron not make it to this list? He is another man that is followed by millions of females all across the globe. The High School Musical star is widely known for his fantastic style. Every time he is out of his home or in the movies, he can be seen in some of the fabulous dresses. This look is from one of his films. We are talking about the way to sport accessories like a muffler or a cap. These accessories not only keep you warm but also enhance your overall appearance as well. You must give a try to some of the accessories. There are umpteen numbers of ways to sport mufflers, depending on the muffler’s length and the occasion. You just need to understand the purpose.


While we always look up to the celebrities for new and good style ideas, we should also experiment and test our own style. In this way, we can choose the style that suits us the best. And whenever you get too confused about what to wear, just try to layer clothes. They are always the right choice for almost every occasion, be it a formal meeting or casual outing with friends or a date.