How To Sell On AWS Marketplace Seller Guide
How To Sell On AWS Marketplace Seller Guide

How To Sell On AWS Marketplace Seller Guide

AWS Marketplace is the curated digital catalog, which makes it simple for the customers to find, purchase, deploy, or manage their software from the independent software vendors that the customers want to build their solutions as well as run the businesses.

You may take the help of AWS Marketplace Seller Guide, but you should have the AWS account for using AWS Marketplace. The seller can be ISV that has got the software that will work with the AWS products & services. With some regulations in place, you should be the business entity that is registered for selling the products through the AWS Marketplace.

Each product in the AWS Marketplace goes through the curation process. When a seller submits the product to the AWS Marketplace, they define their product price and other terms of use. When the customer subscribes to the product offering, they will agree to some pricing & conditions that are set for an offer. At present, AWS Marketplace supports free Amazon Machine Image products.

Are you a seller?

Suppose you’re more interested to sell the software on the AWS Marketplace, you must review all the requirements before you start.

  • Have the defined customer support & support organization
  • Sell publicly available and full-feature production software
  • Follow right practices & guidelines when you are marketing at AWS Marketplace
  • Be the AWS customer in very good standing.
  • Offer a way to keep the software updated & free from vulnerabilities

For listing the paid AMI products, it is important to provide needed tax information. In some cases, it is not needed for the international sellers providing SaaS products, BYOL AMIs, or Free AMIs.

AWS Marketplace provides two ways for the sellers to send software to the buyers:

Amazon Machine Image software generally allows the buyer to deploy & run their software under their AWS account on the AWS infrastructure. The interested buyer finds this software on the AWS Marketplace and subscribes to deploy on the AWS Infrastructure & manage software and subscription immediately. The AWS Marketplace will look after all the billing & payment activities for the seller.

SaaS- SaaS seller deploys the hosted software on the AWS infrastructure & will be responsible for getting customer access to this software, billing & payment from their customer. The interested buyer finds this software on the AWS Marketplace and gets directly to the seller’s website to purchase & get access to their software.

It’s the right practice to assign an account to the dedicated alias for the program rather than the individual email address. It will prevent account lockouts & can allow one or more people to access the program information. When the account is finally set up, you may set up IAM permissions to the specific individuals.

If you are worried about somebody may steal away your details, you can opt to store the credit or debit card details when prompted to do so at the checkout.

Final Words

Amazon will be an amazingly useful & safe platform for buying products, you just need to be a bit careful & check out the seller before getting happy.