cocktail shaker

We all enjoy a nice drink every once in a while, or more. For maximum enjoyment, the drink should be well made. Otherwise, what would be the point of going to the trouble of making a drink if you are not going to do it right? There are so many little ways to ruin what could have been a good cocktail shaker. Here is how to get it just right.

Right tool

When you are missing a cocktail shaker but want a cocktail very badly, you might end up using anything like two tumblers or some other contraption. So you should probably be prepared for those cravings. There are two main types of shakers. A three-piece shaker has a strainer. This will be useful when you do not want your cocktail to have ice flakes. A two-piece shaker is simply the top and the bottom. If you need to strain your cocktail, you would have to use a separate one. There is a weighted type of shaker that comes in handy when you are using solid ice cubes. It makes it easy to break them apart.

Right ingredients

The cocktail recipe is not in question here. Whether to stir or shake is the first thing to question. In some cases require stirring. Like when making a bloody mary. The rule of thumb is to always shake if it has juice. There are some exceptions, though. Do you like it frothy or sitting still in your glass?

The science of ice

Ice makes such a huge difference in a cocktail. It aerates the cocktail and determines how much froth you will have and ice maker would be essential as well. One misstep and you will have a watered-down mess. Or the ice could fail to break into palatable bits. First, you need to be careful about how much ice you use. You need to have enough ice so that you may achieve the right temperature. But then, if you fill your shaker with ice the ingredients will not mix well and the ice will not break. Therefore, try to fill the bigger part of the shaker with ice about halfway through. This will usually be sufficient.

The second aspect is the type of ice. You do not want to use ice flakes especially if you are planning on shaking for a long time. The ice will melt too quickly and the cocktail will not aerate properly. Your drink will be watered down. You should use solid ice cubes straight from the freezer.

The technique

Unlike the whole shaking or stirring issue, there is only one right way to shake a cocktail. You want to hold your shaker in a slanted position then shake horizontally. Use enough force to break the ice and mix the ingredients well. Shake for at least 10 seconds until you feel the ice loosening up.

A well-shaken cocktail can be the highlight of a party. Shaking a cocktail is an art you can easily master. Do not just treat yourself to a cocktail, treat yourself to a proper cocktail.