How to Source the Best CBD Oil for Dogs?

It is no secret that Cannabidiol (CBD) has proven positive effects when dealing with illness or the general well-being of Dogs. This proven researchhas moved dog owners to want to provide this experience for their canines. The availability of so many products help achieve this aim, but that also poses the question of the best quality to use for such services.


Your pet’s health is usually of great concern, and it is worth knowing how to pick safe and efficient products that supply the highest form of care to them. The brand pethempcompany has become one of the most sought-after CBD brands for pet owners and could be ideal for you if you are looking for quality.


What is CBD Oil?


CBD Oil is short for Cannabidiol. This is a naturally occurring compound in Hemp plants, and the oil is made by extracting CBD from the flowers, leaves, and stalk. Of course, Hemp is a cannabis plant. Still, CBD oil is made from cannabis strains with low levels of THC– tetrahydrocannabinol which is the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties.


Both substances are present in marijuana and Hemp, with marijuana containing high THC levels with little CBD, while Hemp is rich in CBD with almost no THC. CBD is not marijuana.


It is also pertinent to note that CBD and Hemp Oil are entirely different such that hemp oil is gotten from pressed hemp seeds and contains no CBD. So, what does this mean for your pet?


Does Your Dog Need It?


Cannabidiol oil is known to be an effective all-around wellness booster. Humans and pets have the same uses for this product. We have similar anatomical structures and physiological processes, including an endocannabinoid system that produces natural cannabinoids internally and communicates with external cannabinoids to make a specific effect.


Among the few uses of Cannabidiol in dogs and humans are pain relief, anxiety, inflammations, skin conditions, allergies, seizures, and epilepsy in a safe, natural way with few side effects. You can check here more details about how pets can benefit from regular use of CBD oil.


What Are the Downsides?


Research on the effects of Cannabidiol in pets has shown there are no potential side effects. This may vary from dog to dog depending on their body metabolism, but no witnessed effect has proved highly damaging or leading to death. For now, it is considered safe with promising results in further study, so your pet should have a fun, smooth experience with Cannabidiol.


Anecdotal evidence shows that low-quality products and giving the wrong dosage could lead to dry mouth, dizziness due to reduced blood pressure, and drowsiness in a worst-case scenario. Lighter possible side effects may include fatigue, diarrhea, indigestion, and vomiting.


In light of these effects, your pet’s body might be trying to adjust to the new treatment to get acquainted with it, but if any of these symptoms persist or gets worse, you should visit the vet. CBD does not get your pet ‘high’ as Cannabidiol or any of its products legally have to contain 0.3% or less THC, which isn’t enough to trigger the feeling in your dog.


Why Choose CBD Oil for Dogs?



In the current market, options for using Cannabidiol for our pets come in various forms such as treats or even mixed in food with claims to provide the same relief as the oils. But what makes the oil a better option? For one, it provides ease and convenience to administer, open the packaging, measure the correct dosage and give to your pet. No hassle or preparation is required.


Another evident advantage of cannabidiol oil compared to other forms is its fast-action formula. The effects after administering the oil can be observed from 10-30 minutes, although specific cases may take about 1-2 weeks to experience the full impact.


It is a natural product gotten with quality extraction methods free from toxins and compounds that will be harmful to your dog.


Factors One Should Consider When Choosing the Best Oil


When it comes to picking a good oil, there are certain things to look out for, especially if this is new territory for you and your pet. Research properly on whatever product you feel is best, the manufacturing company, and their mode of operations. Common factors to tick off your checklist include;


  • Quality of the formula- pure organically grown plants free from toxins are an essential and safe bet.
  • Proper extraction process- Hydrocarbon or Carbon dioxide are the best extraction methods for cannabidiol oil.
  • Honest packaging and marketing- stating precisely what is contained in each bottle.
  • Lab testing and results- to ensure the quality and accuracy of the product with third-party companies
  • Reputable company
  • Dosage sizes- to help you choose the most appropriate size for your pet. This pagehas more on the ideal CBD dosage for pets.


Your dog will enjoy the benefits of going the extra mile to make sure you buy quality brands which just makes it worth it.


Take Away


Alongside sourcing, the best oil, proper dosage, and paying close attention to any changes play a significant role in providing quality care for your dog. The internet offers varying sources to purchase from, but now you know what to look out for in a quality product.


Money or cost doesn’t have to be an issue; you just have to narrow it down to specific needs because there is no shortage of affordable yet valuable options. Always discuss introducing this plan with your veterinarian for suitable suggestions and advice. Remember, a healthy pet is due to the owners’ actions.


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