Playing and singing at the same time is very attractive, not only for singers, but also for instrumentalists. It is very common for singers to feel the call of the instrument, but it is also common for another musician to be curious to learn to sing while playing. And it is very normal for this to happen. Playing and singing at the same time gives you the independence of being able to go from here to there with your instrument without needing anyone to accompany you.

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You can rehearse on your own, without having to meet anyone, without leaving home, at a time that suits you. And the benefits are not only those! It helps you understand music from another point of view. It helps singers to understand and listen more carefully to music, to begin to pay attention to what we previously overlooked. It helps instrumentalists in exactly the same way, to pay more attention to the voice and to understand a little more what it feels like to carry your instrument inside.

I have dared to write this article because even though I am not an expert, I have started to make my first steps with the piano and I want to share with you how this process has been and is being.

Why did I start playing and singing at the same time?

I decided long ago. Many times while I’m doing any other task, voice melodies come to mind and I start to hum them. I record them and there they stay, nothing. When you know how to play an instrument it is much easier to compose your own songs . But I never made up my mind, because I didn’t know where to start and my time to sign up for private lessons right now is very limited.

I already went through the process of learning to make chords and major scales a long time ago and that took me months practicing all the time and making a lot of mistakes, so I was very lazy to have to dedicate a time that I did not have especially to that part in the one you start practicing and everything sounds awful. But I suppose that thanks to that previous work, I already had a lot of cattle.

About a month ago I came across a song that I thought was very simple on an instrumental level, so I decided to give it a try. I looked for a tutorial on Youtube and started practicing. I realized that the tutorial was beyond my knowledge at the moment, as I had to do different things with each hand and that seemed like a new world to me. Was it time to give up? That never! The key is to simplify I decided to just focus on the chords to begin with.

Once you master the strumming thing, the voice will automatically come out of your mouth and you won’t need anything else to do. So your main job is to master the strumming and chords.