How To Teach Students To Write Good Essays

Writing papers is fundamental during college life. As a result, it is crucial for students to learn how to write essays, research papers, lab reports, thesis and dissertations.

As a teacher your job is to guide students how to write their personal essays so that they can put their thoughts in clear man. However, most students prefer hiring essay writing service companies like when they hesitate to write essays on their own. This brings us to a critical question. What factors ought to be factored in order for student to become a good essay writer?

Fundamental Principles of Essay Writing

These are tips that can guide your students to write good essays:

1 The topic

Teach your students to understand how to select a good topic before writing an essay. Besides, teach them research skills so that they the capacity to research and get relevant information. This will involve teaching them research methods and how to utilize the facts researched. It is advisable to tell the students to select topic that have knowledge in and have materials to write something about. Nevertheless, as a teacher you should reject easy topics.  As result, they will be able to learn on how to research on more challenging topics.

  1. Purpose

It is a good reason that will help you write an eye-catching or informative essay. A perfect essay cannot just be about anything or general things that everybody know and comprehend well. Teach your students to slowly choose specific topics that narrows down to unique ideas as they decide the aim of the essay. When they understand the purpose of the essay it make it essay for them serve the objective. In turn, it becomes easier to create the outline and begin writing the essay.

  1. Examples

Example are essential in teaching practice and learning process. In order to aid students learn how to write what you have assigned them, and other academic activities, show them perfect essays written before. For example, it could be an excellent essay by your former student. The example essay will serve as a good sample thus give students an idea on how should look like.


  1. Outline

An outline is a pre writing stage that comes last before you write an essay. Select a topic and list down the main points that you want learners to mention as they piece down their essays. By applying this procedure it will improve their knowledge of what is an essay and how to come up with a perfect essay.

Besides, foster the students to adhere to the outline, by so doing, it will not only make their essay comfortable to read, but also easier to write on their part. It is important to note, teach them each port they put across should be on new paragraph.

Also, they should know, it is much easier to read shorter paragraphs since longer ones are boring and complicated in reading them. In turn, discourage them from writing long paragraphs in essays.

  1. Introduction

An introduction is the first part as you start writing an essay. It is one of the daunting section learners find in writing essays. This can be attributed to likelihood of them lacking know how on how to begin writing an essay that magnets readers interest and precisely elucidate what the whole is about.

The initial paragraph of the essay should be able to sparkle anxiety in a clear way. You ought to teach your students this. Inform them readers are likely to stop reading their essays when the introduction is not eye-catchy. As a result, they ought to write an intriguing introduction as much as possible.

In addition, teach students to start writing story essays from their personal encounters in order to attract reader’s attention. Nevertheless, the topic selected contributes a lot. It is important to listen to your students ideas in a mutual discussion. Through that, you will aid them in writing strong introductions.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusion is much important as the introduction. It is good to conclude your essay paper in manner that interests readers by so doing it will make them satisfied and happy. Teach the students that the conclusion is usually a summary of the facts deliberated within the body of the essay.

In a Nutshell

It is important to teach students to acquire essay writing skills. This skills will aid the students express their ideas and thoughts in manner that everyone understands. By so doing, in the end they appreciate you of such a wonderful skill that you have helped them to acquire which is mandatory in written communication.