Huawei Car Charger

The Huawei SuperCharge Car Charger features upgraded proximity sensors on both sides that control the clamp, making it easy for users to mount and retrieve their phones. Car charger also has a power storage feature that allows you to keep charging your phone for up to 30 minutes after your car stalls.

Huawei’s new phones come along with a bunch of accessories that you should consider getting if you plan to pick up any of the new devices. The list of new accessories includes fast chargers, a power bank, and nifty cases. The car charger features a 3D air cooling system that absorbs air to cool the charging coils, the stand, and your phone.

Huawei claims the air volume has been tripled and the fan runs quieter than the previous generation. Worried about safety? The car charger is TÜV Rheinland-certified safe and has 15 layers of protection including overvoltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, and temperature protection. With built-in chipset, it can recognize and adjust the output power to best match your mobile device automatically.

Dual USB Type-A ports with up to 50 W power output that can charge 2 mobile devices simultaneously. It has built-in chip that can adjust the output power automatically according to the ambient temperature and real-time battery percentage. Wireless charging is making inroads in the healthcare, automotive and manufacturing industries because it offers the promise of increased mobility and advances that could allow tiny internet of things (IoT) devices to get power many feet away from a charger.

In the case of smartphone wireless charging pads, for example, the copper coils are only a few inches in diameter, severely limiting the distance over which power can travel efficiently. The Car Charger charging happens based on inductive charging, whereby power is created by passing through an electrical current using two coils to create an electromagnetic field. After receiving a magnetic plate on the mobile gadget comes into contact with the transmitter – or at least within the specified range, the magnetic field generates electrical current within the device.

Car Charger is easy to use while you are in the car. Holding your wire charger is tough you always need to take care of your charger’s wire but in the case of a wireless car charger, you don’t need to do such things. Car charger power transfer has become a key enabling technology for charging electric vehicles in the last few years.

The car charger which is clad in anodized aluminum has a ring light to make it easy for you to locate it in the dark. The charger has twelve-layer safety protection including ESD protection, over-voltage protection, and short circuit protection. Huawei ships a 6A USB-C cable with the car charger which we think is pretty generous. Your car is not the only place where you can enjoy Huawei’s 50W SuperCharge Wireless Charging.

You can also purchase the Huawei SuperCharge Wireless Charger Stand to charge your phone at up to 50W at home or at the office. The charger which has a vertical design with a 60° tilt allows you to charge your phone or compatible device both in landscape and portrait positions. It features dual coils and a larger sensor area. Huawei also promises the charger automatically detects the time on your phone and switches to an ultra-silent mode at night.