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Huawei Watch Fit (Graphite Black) Smartwatch

With a beautiful 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED display and HD resolution of 280 x 456, Huawei Watch Fit 2 offers a super transparent and wide viewing experience. 

Refresh your everyday style

Personalize the theme to match your everyday look with different colored watch faces. In addition to the official ones, the Watch Face Store has a ton of beautiful watch faces for you to choose from. Plus, you can customize your own photos with any photo from your mobile device.

Customize for your convenience

The important functions on the watch face can now be customized easily. Weather, heart rate, motion, battery life, and other things that matter to you most, you are free to choose according to your viewing habits and set to the right location.

Any style you want

The textured matte bezel is perfectly combined with the soft and colorful strap for a solid and premium design. Huawei Watch Fit always gives you a sophisticated and trendy look.

Lighter design, longer battery life

The ultra-thin and light huawei smart watch fit Pack boosts battery performance to just 21 grams, making the 7 the perfect companion for all day. With dual chipset architecture and a power-saving algorithm, this clock can last up to 10 days. And with fast charging technology, the watch can last you all day with just 5 minutes of charging

A personal trainer on your watch

Start working out at any time with Huawei Watch Fit and have the freedom to search for workout videos. This watch offers 12 animated quick workouts such as strength training, full-body stretch, abs, and it features 44 standard motion displays. Make the most of your downtimes, such as weekend breaks or lazy time, to stay healthy with this smartwatch.

96 workout modes

Huawei Watch Fit provides accurate and real-time fitness metrics for 11 professional sports modes, including running, swimming, and cycling. 85 customizable workout modes let you unleash your potential, whether you’re doing yoga or intense interval training, the watch also tracks heart rate, calories, and workout time over time your real.

Find your best rhythm

With a built-in GPS sensor, 5ATM10, AI heart rate algorithm, and innovative sensors, Huawei Watch Fit is designed for every way you exercise. This watch helps you train better by providing real-time stats, scientific training impact assessment, and expert guidance.

Smart Workout Partner, Advanced Stats

The Huawei Watch Fit can detect when to start a workout, identify the type of workout, and prompt you to start tracking. 11 Whether you’re running or swimming, Huawei Watch Fit can track the exact workout stats you need. Once done, you will find more detailed stats, professional analysis, and scientific guidance in Huawei Health APP.

Stay inspired every day

Huawei Watch Fit tracks your physical activity progress throughout the day and reminds you to stand up from time to time to avoid sitting too much. The watch counts your daily steps in three colored circles, recording active hours and periods of moderate to high-intensity activity and giving you a sense of accomplishment when you complete them.

24-hour heart rate monitor

Thanks to Huawei TruSeen 4.0 heart rate monitoring technology, this smartwatch can accurately monitor your heart rate during the day and even while you are sleeping. And promptly detect that your heart rate has exceeded the normal range and send you reminders to give you protection throughout the day.

Detects oxygen saturation 13

Low levels of oxygen saturation (SpO2) in the blood can cause health problems. Try fitting your Huawei Watch and start detecting SpO2 with a simple tap. In just a few seconds, it will display accurate identification data and give you a reference to pay attention to your health.

Ready for special days

Keep track of your menstrual cycle with this number 14 smartwatch and guess the day of ovulation. Huawei Watch Fit can send you profile-based reminders and help you prepare for special days.

Better slip monitoring

Based on Huawei TruSleep 2.0 sleep monitoring and heart rate technology, this watch can accurately record your sleep status and analyze your sleep quality, as well as provide more than 200 scientific tips Learn to improve your sleep quality.

Release your stress

Huawei TruRelax technology and all-day stress-monitoring algorithms can effectively monitor your stress levels to see if you’re feeling stressed.

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