It is very important to have a true friend in life, and in such a situation, you also want to find true friends, so first of all you have to be a true friend yourself, so in this post of the story, we are going to tell the story on true friendship, that kiss Thus having a true friend can combat many problems in life. So let’s now know the story of this true friendship.

There were two friends, they were very brave. One of them raised his voice against the injustice of his king during the assembly. The king was very harsh and ruthless. On hearing the rebellion against himself, the king ordered that young man to be hanged on the gallows.

The young man pleaded with the king – “What you are doing is fine.” I will happily go to the lap of death, but you give me some time to get to the village so that I can meet my children. ”

The king said – “No, how can I believe your point?”

The friend of that young man was present there, he came forward and said – “I give bail to this friend of mine, if he does not come back then you will get me hanged instead.”

The king was surprised, he had not seen any man in his life who would be willing to lay down his life for others.

The king approved the petition of the young man, he was granted a six-hour plea. The young man rushed to his village on horseback and his friend was locked up in Qaragah.

The young man calculated that he would return in about five hours, but while coming back to meet the children, his horse stumbled and fell and did not wake up again due to injuries. The young man also suffered a lot of injuries, but he did not lose courage for a single moment.

Six hours passed, but the young man did not roll, so his friend was very happy. After all, what would be more important for him that friend-friend work. He continued to pray to God that his friend should not return. It was time to hang. The friend was brought to the gallows that the young man reached there.

The young man said to his friend – “Here I am, now leave me and you go home.”

The friend said – “This can’t be done, your term is over”

The young man said – “What are you saying!” I have got the punishment ”

The king was watching the friendship of both friends very closely. The king’s mind also melted, his eyes filled. He called them both and said – “Your friendship has made a deep impact on my heart. Go, I forgive you ”

The king never tortured anyone since that day.

Hope you will like true friendship (story) (friendship story in hindi) and will prove to be beneficial for you as well.

Friends, It is said that friendship is the first relationship that we make ourselves, we are born with other relationships. Really, if we reduce the “friends” from our life, then how empty life is … Being friends is not just sharing happiness … The real meaning of friendship is to support our friend when he is in trouble, when he is in trouble. Need us most …


Do you have a real friend Of course, he is the one you are a true friend of. And if it is not then first of all you should become a true friend… by itself you will become a true friend. . !