Things to consider when buying a laptop
Things to consider when buying a laptop

What is the impact of COVID-19 on your Research/Academic activities?

The COVID-19 epidemic is the major and main health crisis. Many countries have decided to close (schools, colleges and universities). The crisis is confronting between closing schools that create a dilemma (reducing connectivity and saving lives) and keeping them open (allowing workers to work and maintain the economy). Severe short-term disruption is felt by many families around the world: home education is not only a major blow to the productivity of parents, but also to children’s social lives and learning. Teaching is going on on an online, untrained and unprecedented scale. Student evaluations are also running online, with a lot of trial, error and uncertainty for everyone. Many assessments have just been cancelled. Crucially, these blockages will not only be a short-term issue, but can also have long-term consequences for affected colleagues and inequality is likely to increase.

School time is the crucial period for growing student’s capabilities in all ways. While school time could be fun and can raise skills and it’s time to work on building their interests and behaviour. They could even explore multifarious paths with distinct opportunities to learn and earn their ability. But can we assume how much the COVID-19 interruption will affect learning? Now we have turned into a new scenario, we must adopt some new methodology in order to stay in line. Meanwhile, Student are facing issue to complete their programming related assignment work as instructor is not able to help each students in best ways so they need help of assignment service so they can Hire Programming Assignment Help Experts to complete their computer science assignment

Impacts on Academics : Schools

The structure of schooling, including teaching and evaluation methods, was the first to be affected by these cessation. Students got stucked at one place and had to rely on internet statistics and restrictions to explore their paths while learning. Low-income private and government schools might not be able to adopt E- teaching methods. There will be a complete breakdown because of having no access in both ways to study. Students combined with the other stresses of living in isolation under quarantine, it may have some serious consequences – delaying their cognitive, emotional and social development.

When the pandemic subsides, kids will return to school with lower achievement. There are also concerns that the gap between high- and low-achieving students will become larger. Given the need to address these concerns, governments also become confined to take even legitimate steps to minimize the hazard consequences.
Perhaps an important aspect this pandemic brought are the observations and learnings gained by the students. A student stated that the “pandemic showed [them] firsthand [the] vulnerable communities at risk.” Another student feels privileged as they are “comfortable in [their] room while others are starving.” On a bigger scale, the pandemic “showed the unpreparedness of some organizations, the gaps and lapses in the systems, especially in urban systems.” There is a need for “early containment and transparency”, one student argues, to prevent the same magnitude of impacts in the future. UNU-IAS and other “learning institutions [should] consider the impact of the virus and remodel their programs to adapt to future disruptions.” As a humanity, the pandemic has tested our “flexibility and ability to adapt” to sudden pressures and changes.

These new learnings brought by the pressures through intense heat and constant hammering. Together, we have seen the highs and lows of humanity’s response to the pandemic. We are learning to adapt and be more resilient to sudden changes in life. And we can’t do it on our own. We need collaboration, cooperation, and we need to help each other to overcome this challenge. Moving forward, we should not forget these experiences. We should keep these new learning to heart and ingrain them in our memories. So, when given the opportunity in the future, we know better.

Many of them face uncertainty as to their future because their next steps further education or careers are dependent upon them clearing their school or college leaving exams.

Remedies to increase productivity : Pandemic

Develop a schedule and stick for your work. One of the best ways to ensure that you stay productive during quarantine is by making a daily routine, just like you would if you were in school. In a time when everything feels uncertain, having a routine can provide consistency and allow you to get back a sense of control over your life. It doesn’t even have to be as rigid as your normal schedule would be — simply getting up and going to sleep at the same time every night makes a huge difference and is simple to incorporate into your routine.

Another way to take control is to create a designated “productive” space. This is essential in making sure you get projects and tasks done. Getting dressed for the day like you would if you weren’t stuck at home is a great way to get yourself into a productive mindset. Staying in your pajamas all day, although in theory sounds great, will make it much harder to want to get out of bed!

The internet is full of helpful tips on how to stay productive and motivated during this time of chaos and uncertainty. It’s also a great place to search for new opportunities that could positively impact your future, such as scholarships you might not have had time to apply for or internships you didn’t know were available near you. The time will come when we can all finally get back to our regular routines, but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of this unexpected free time you have to explore health career options, form healthy habits and get ahead of the crowd.

Eventually, Our immediate response to the COVID-19 crisis was one of disbelief, followed by a conscious effort to re-activate my imagination and creativity as ways to protect life itself. One should become self-dependent and take responsibility to tackle the ups and downs of circumstances. Here Students must know their work and start working on their ability.