Important characteristics of successful
Important characteristics of successful

Important characteristics of successful

Choosing a career path in the voice over industry can be challenging, however rewarding if you have what the employers are looking for. The good news about the industry is that there are different types of voices needed in the industry- different ages, different races… if you are not native you don’t even have to worry about your accent-here it can be an advantage. In addition to your unique voice characteristics, there are a few key elements that in most cases are required for success in this competitive industry.


In order to successfully perform a voice over, you`ll need to be able to pace your phrases and way of speaking. Most generally, when people are into telling a story or get excited, they tend to lose control over the speed of their speech. This, however, should be mastered as in the voice over work you should be able to continuously speak with the same pace, responding to the character of the hero you are voicing. To control the speed of your voice is important not only in order to respond to the characteristics of the character you are voicing but also in order to enunciate so that your words are clearly heard and separated from one another.


Voice over job might require you to fluctuate from a high-pitched voice to a deeper tone without your voice cracking. This is especially important in order to keep with the figure of the character you`re voicing. An often switch from high to low voice is common requirement in voce over so any artist aiming at successful career within the industry should be trained in this specification of the voice.


Just like in singing, in voice over artists should be able to control their breathing due to the fact that wrong breathing can affect the sentence fluency. In addition it can be distracting in case you breathe heavier than the rest of the surrounding characters. As your breathing can affect your performance as a voice over actor, you should be able to edit it with lots of practice. After some training an artist should be able to take quiet, deep breaths which won`t disturb speaking in a way that the sentences are clearly and lengthy spoken out. In addition to the practice of breathing, learn to breathe between the sentences or phrases, not while speaking.


It is important that a voice over artist can adjust his tone of voice. Different roles might require different tone-formal, sing-song, conversational, etc. Sometimes the voice tone shifts with the events of a movie (if it`s a movie voice over), or might require to keep the same tone without shifting to excitement or surprise in the voice. These are just some of the characteristics that a voice over agency will look at when recruiting or hiring freelancers for a project, so make sure to take into account all of them!

The above piece of content has been written by Leyre Ínigo. She carried out her studies of a double degree in International Relations and Global Communication in Madrid. She is collaborating on a project for the travel accommodation provider apartamentos en San Sebastian. Leyre is a very determined person and also very creative.