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What Amount Will it Cost to Fix An iPad?

The process of iPad repairs especially for iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini 5th generation is complex. It requires a careful step-by-step process to ensure that repairing has done correctly without any errors. The cutting-edge models of iPad such as iPad Air 2 and others listed above, contains the newest laminated display. A covered presentation implies that the LCD show and contact screen glass is intertwined in a solitary layer. The earlier models including iPad 1st generation to 7th generation, iPad Mini 2, and Mini 3 contains non-laminated display. Melbourne phone repairs.

If the screen on a laminated iPad model gets damaged, it will require a complete LCD display and touch screen replacement. Although, Apple has advanced the technology, meanwhile, the iPad repairs have become more advanced and tricky. This is the only reason behind expensive iPad repairs for new models. Most iPad repairs cost usually range from $80-250, depending on the model, type of repair, and severity of the damage.

Tedious Process for an iPad Repairs – Melbourne Phone Repairs

Melbourne Phone Repairs undergo a detailed inspection for a damaged iPad. The multi-step repair process starts by analyzing the battery and charging port of an iPad. The issues which were undiscovered initially will be noticed during this thorough process. Battery replacement for iPad is also replaced with high-quality and enduring battery.

The issues of charging ports and overheating are resolved by our technology gurus. We use top-quality laminated screens come from the manufacturer preassembled with the LCD display and touch screen fused together. Thus, replace the entire front panel during the iPad repairs. The high-quality adhesive is used in two layers to ensure the attachment of the screen in the right place. It will also increase the lifetime of the screen.

Before the cracked screen replacement of an iPad, our experts make sure that all the internal connections are tied up correctly. The same verification is also done after screen replacement. We execute many testing and repairing but that is not limited to camera, speaker, and fingerprint sensor.

At phone repairs, Bluetooth connectivity, and wireless charging is also a part of our iPad post-repair diagnosis. If facial recognition and fingerprint identification features are not functioning. It could be the result of the damage to the laminated touch screen and display. Moreover, it is also important to make sure that you are utilizing quality chargers and accessories that are only made for your model. Likewise, we recommend MFI certified iPad chargers.

How Much Time Will it Take to Repair An iPad?

Although, the repair process is complex and time-consuming. But we have the fastest turnaround time for Apple Phone repairs and iPad repair Melbourne. Along with the fastest repairing, we also offer quality repairing. The majority of iPad repairs usually take around 20-30 minutes depending on model and repair. For any issue with an iPad, we offer a FREE diagnosis to pinpoint all the possible issues. After analyzing and repairing, you will get complete satisfaction with the quality of repair and the time take to repair.

Melbourne Phone Repairs the Tech Gurus

It is important to note that any frame damaged iPad will undergo a reshaping of the device. This can only be done by experts as there are chances of re-damaging the screen. Before starting the process of repairing, frame damage will be assessed and explained to the customer. The same process will also opt for the non-laminated screens. All the repair, including reshaping are done by tech gurus at our phone repairs.

As we have earlier discussed the differences in both the screen types. The front panel differentiates between the laminated and non-laminated screens. In a non-laminated iPad, if a technician will notice that only the touch screen glass is damaged. It will become a straightforward repair for a technician to only replace that glass. Likewise, if the touch glass is fine and the LCD display is damaged, the only LCD will be replaced.

Although both replacements are hard and intricate. But LCD screen replacement is more expensive than touch glass replacement. The reason for the high cost is the main component of the iPad as it provides you with the actual picture display.

All of our repairs come with a warranty. Furthermore, we utilize and install genuine parts like tempered glass screen protectors, ensuring the longevity of your device.

Are you having a damaged iPad that needs repair?  Book your repair now at Melbourne Phone Repairs. Due to COVID, we are offering touch-less interactions to help prevent the spread of the virus.