Kidjo TV for Android

Kids are the loveliest, cutest, and most annoying beings on earth. Everybody loves playing around with kids. But most of the mothers are busy, and they have no much time to spend with their little baby kiddos. But every mother wants their kids to have the best time when they are outside. They want their kids to be dirty in the mud, play with pets and run around the garden and have so much fun. Same as that, they want the kiddos to have a better screen time experience when they are at home, and the times they don’t play outside. So, Kidjo TV is an app that helps you to give your kid the best screen time experience. This little app provides the facility for the little kiddos to choose what they like to watch, what they like to play around and what they love to learn.

Kidjo TV takes the kids on a wonderful, wild and adventurous journey, helping them learn, entertain and gain more knowledge. This can also be introduced as a preschool elementary and an educational support application since this helps the kid learn as same as he is learning in preschool.

Kidjo offers handpicked cartoons and funny and educational games for school kids, which includes learning sessions and safe screen time. When it comes to kids and the internet, it is quite responsible for the kids’ safety. You can doubtlessly give your kid to use this application since Kidjo TV guarantees you that they teach, develop skills and entertain the kids in safe hands. Thus, Kidjo is a safe and COPPA Compliant app (COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act). Kidjo guarantees to provide age-appropriate content in Kidjo TV so that the parents can be sure and doubtless about the app and hand it over to their children.

Features of Kidjo TV

  • Has a wide range of Baby programs which helps the child to learn, and educate themselves? The child will be interested in learning thanks to the interesting programs.
  • The toddlers can navigate easily to the programs or sessions they lie to watch, thanks to the simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The app is a safe and a verified app in Google Play Protect.
  • There are many categories of licensed cartoons and programs such as Sesame Street, Garfield, Om Nom Stories, Little Brown Bear, Everything Rosie, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Lullabies, Talking Books, Origami, Magic Tricks, Science Experiments, Arts and Crafts, Story Books and many more.
  • All the content offered by Kidjo TV is age-appropriate sessions and projects, which are only offered for kid developing purposes.
  • The app is 100% ad free, and there will be no social networks. You can give your phone to your kid without any hesitation since he won’t be able to see and unwanted ads or any other inappropriate stuff.
  • The app can be used as a preparation for the nursery and preschool of kids. You can make your child learn at home until he/she goes to nursery or preschool.


You can install this app directly from Google play store. There are many Android devices without play store application. For Android phones and tablets can use AC Market. For Android TV boxes like Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV and others can use Filelinked. Filelinked is the best Android TV app store.

The app has been created by a group of parents, especially for the children who go to preschools, Kindergartens, and nurseries. There are hundreds of games and puzzles to play, and I think this is the best choice for the parents who want their children to experience the best.