Know about Nainital (नैनीताल)


Nainital is situated in the foothills of the Kumaon Hills of the Himalayas. The total height of Nainital is about 1938 meters above sea level. Who does not know the beauty of Nainital, residing in the mountains of the Himalayas known as Sarovar Nagri (Lake City), every year millions of tourists are drawn to see the beauty of this city. Come. It must have seemed a bit strange to hear, but this is true to a large extent, but the beauty of Nainital has been drawn here.

The weather in Nainital always changes due to the lake. You can not guess what the weather will be like after 15 minutes, it is sunny now, just after some time you start changing from the lake and start raining. If it is raining heavily in Mallital, it will be sunny on the snow view, you come out of Kumaon University thinking that the weather is clear today but the rain drenches you till you reach Tallital,

Nainital has something like this special season. Malla part (upper part) of Nainital is called Mallital and lower part is called Tallital. The city of lakes or the Lake District of India, Nainital has such a title to its credit due to its beautiful dotted landscape with lakes. Nainital is situated at an altitude of 1938 meters above sea level.

Nainital India is also known as ‘Lake District’ due to some 60 lakes spread across its borders. There are many fresh water lakes in the entire Nainital district like Bhimtal, Satatal, Khurpatal and Naukuchiatal. Summer weather is considered ideal for traveling to this beautiful destination. The distance from Delhi to Nainital is 320 km.