For IT aspirants, the Microsoft Azure certification has become one of the most valuable certifications to pursue. Lately, professional skills in the field of cloud infrastructure are highly sought after. Numerous enterprises around the globe are shifting their operations to cloud platforms. Second only to AWS in terms of popularity, Azure has witnessed widespread adoption in various sectors. Naturally, this has created job opportunities for IT professionals who are adept at using Azure. Not only is the certificate a great addition to one’s portfolio, but Azure certification training also infuses the candidate with valuable knowledge.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform where one can build, deploy, and manage services and applications. It is easy and safe to migrate the system of an enterprise to the cloud using Azure, which is why it has become prevalent. Azure offers excellent scalability and a wide range of tools and services. This is what made the platform so versatile. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and businesses. Upon obtaining a Microsoft Azure certification, one can apply for various job roles depending on the certification.

Why should you pursue a Microsoft Azure certification?

Of course, not every certification is equally valuable. It is crucial to consider the perks of any given certification before pursuing it. There are several Azure certifications, each one validating one’s skills for a particular job role. There are several reasons why you might want to pursue a Microsoft Azure certification, or even multiple of those.

  • Job opportunities: As mentioned earlier, the demand for professionals who hold expertise in cloud infrastructure has grown quite high. The popularity of Azure has significantly increased the employment opportunities for professionals who have built up their expertise in this platform.
  • Diversity: Obtaining Azure certifications would open up a wide range of career options for a candidate. For instance, you may choose to be an architect, a security engineer, a data scientist, an administrator, etc. This allows the aspirants to pursue whichever job role they find themselves to be more comfortable with.
  • Esteem: Some of these certifications are quite prestigious, which makes them even more valuable. In a workplace environment, this is a great benefit as it would help you earn the respect of your colleagues.
  • Higher-income: When a professional possesses a highly sought-after Microsoft certification, it automatically increases his/her value as an employee. This way, the certification would help one earn a higher salary than the other employees in a company. Securing promotions becomes easier too when one carries a notable certificate.
  • Structured learning: The structured learning process makes it easy and convenient to learn Azure. Many tools, such as GitHub, Hadoop, and eclipse, are quite common, while the rest are easy to use. Various reputed institutions offer plenty of resources to help prepare for the certification exams.

Thus, obtaining the Microsoft Cloud certification would prove to be very beneficial for one’s career. If you plan to make cloud architecture your field of expertise, learning Azure is a smart choice.

Why is Azure so popular?

A primary reason why Microsoft Azure certifications are so valuable is that Azure is very popular across industries. Several factors have contributed to this widespread popularity.

  • Security: Azure is very secure for small and large enterprises alike. It comes with excellent security tools and protocols, including SDL. These help to protect the users and their data from cybercriminals. Azure has also received international standard certification for cloud privacy.
  • Integration: Azure architecture integrates well with other tools and services. For instance, the users can manage their virtual machines and write their Azure websites from the Visual Studio. Microsoft has also based its Azure SQL server on the Microsoft SQL server, which is very popular.
  • DevOps: Azure supports DevOps techniques very well. DevOps happens to be a relatively recent technique that integrates development, operation, and quality assurance teams. The DevOps connections that Azure offers make this platform even more convenient.

To make the Azure certification cost you spend worth it, it is advisable to pursue the course from one of the leading institutions. Koenig Solutions, for instance, offers superior training and plenty of resources to help aspirants obtain this certification.

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