It is very important to maintain the quality of drinking water in the water tanks or in other water storage. Contaminated drinking water is not good for health and it can cause various health issues that can lead you and your lovely family members to severe life threats.

Fresh and good quality water is very important for a healthy life and especially for the kids. If little kids and infants drink water that is not good and contaminated with other things then it could be a treat for the life of the infants because their immune system is not strong and they can be the victim of germs and bacteria in water.

In this article, I will guide you on what should you do to maintain the quality of drinking water in the water tanks and other water storage.

But first, you should know the causes that contaminate your drinking water. Here are some causes:

  • Dust: The dust can reach the water storage like water tanks and the chemicals present in the dust can contaminate your drinking water.
  • Nitrates in Bore Water: When you are storing water in the water tank from a bore, it can contain nitrates that may be very dangerous for the health of little babies.
  • Ash and debris: Ash and smoke are produced in a large amount from the bush fires and then this ash and smoke can contaminate the water supply that will be stored in the water tank.
  • Air-Pollution: In the industrial areas, there is a lot of pollution in the air due to the chemicals of the industry and these chemicals are the major cause to contaminate your drinking water.

There are many other causes that can contaminate the drinking water, but these are very common causes, and you can easily protect your water from contamination by protecting your water tanks.

How to Maintain Quality of Water?

Let’s discuss a few ways that could be helpful in maintaining the quality of water:

Check Plumbing System During Building Inspection

Many impurities can be added to the water through a damaged plumbing system. If the pipes are broken or rusted there could be small pores that can allow the air pollution or dust to mix into the water.

So, it is important that during the buildings inspection you should carefully check the full plumbing system of the house and especially for those pipes which are responsible to take the water into the water tank.

If you do this, you can protect your water from any pollution that can be dangerous for your health and when you restrict it to mix into the drinking water, less amount is needed to purify your water.

Monitor Your Water Supply

With the plumbing system, you should also monitor your water supply so that only quality water can be stored in the water tanks. If there are any water leaks, it means you need to repair your plumbing system.

For this, you should check the gutters and roof if you are storing the rainwater in your water tank. You should also monitor the tank and the pipes as well.

If you are using the groundwater through a bore, then you should check the borehead and the pump carefully as well so that no impurities can be added to the drinking water.

Maintenance of Water Tanks

The maintenance of water tanks is very important in order to maintain the quality of drinking water and protecting the water from any contamination and impurities.

Yearly inspection of the water tanks is very important as you can clean them with a mixture of water and bleach. It is very simple, you just need to make sure that you don’t use much quantity of bleach otherwise it could be dangerous for the health.

If you don’t know how to do this, you can call the experts as well who can do the water quality inspection and also can clean the water tanks so that your stored water remains healthy and fresh for you, for your kids, and for the entire family as well.