What is Mexico Tourist Card?

A Mexico Tourist Card is not an interchange of Mexico visa. But some of the visitors don’t need to have a Mexico visa if they have a Mexico Tourist Card. Simultaneously, some of the nationalists are restricted to have both a Mexico Tourist Card and a Mexico visa or enter Mexico. Anyhow all depends upon the nationality of the tourist.

Mexico Tourist Card is a document that is introduced by The National Immigration Institute of Mexico. It eases travelers to enter Mexico for tourism.

Mexico Tourist Card for Indian Nationals

As Mexico is a land of enjoyment and welcoming for tourists, pick up your tourist card to visit this glorified land. Whether you are Indian or US-based, you can get your E-Mexico tourist card by simple steps and full guidelines just by sitting calmly online.

As an Indian citizen, you will ask to show your approved and printed Mexico tourist visa along with your Mexico tourist card. For this clarity, you must have your same passport (with at least 6 months or more validity period) that you use to fill out the Tourist Card form.

How to Apply for the Tourist Card for Mexico

Are you looking for a Mexico Tourist Card? Then why are you worried or thinking more and more? It’s not a 19s, man. Now you can easily approach your Mexico Tourist Card by sitting at your home. You need to apply online via natvisa. . Here we discuss simple steps that you need to follow to use for your Mexico tourist card. You can fill your online form to apply for a Mexico tourist visa. For this purpose, you need to have a valid passport and itinerary details. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months or more; if you have less time to expire, please renew it before applying. You don’t need to upload documents. Enter your valid details for further processing. Moreover, after all, the processing Tourist Card will be sent to your provided email ID, where you can approach it. Therefore offering your working email id is necessary.

Do Indians Need a Mexico tourist Visa?

If you are fun-loving and want to spend your holidays more interestingly, you need to visit Mexico with your family and friends. Are you Indian? If yes, don’t worry. You can visit Mexico, but you need to have a Mexico Visa along with your Mexico Tourist card. Mexico travel agency provides a comfort zone for tourists from all over the world. For some countries, it is restricted to have visas along with tourist cards. India is one of them whose nationalist need to have a visa along with a Mexico tourist card for tourism. You can avail this golden chance to enjoy Mexico by having a Mexico visa along with a Mexico tourist card.

Cancun Visa vs. Mexico Visa

Most people confuse these two interchangeable terms Cancun Visa vs. Mexico Visa, while truly these are the same. Officially it is known as a Mexico Visa globally. But some of the travelers call it a Cancun Visa. You just need to know that it does not matter whether you call it Cancun Visa or Mexico Visa. Your destination is the same. For Indians, it is a must to have a Mexico visa, although you have a Mexico tourist card.

Applying for the Mexico Tourist Card at Natvisa.com

In this digital world, you can easily get your tourist card just by visiting Natvisa.com. It is an online service with 24/7 customer support. Most likable about natvisa is easy to apply, time-saving, and customer care for their clients.

Let’s talk about application steps

  1. Fill Application Form: 

First of all, you need to fill the online form to provide your accurate details for the Mexico tourist card on natvisa.com. The good thing is that you don’t need to go to any office or waste your time in the queue. Fill this form online by visiting natvisa through your laptop. It will take you 10 to 15 minutes shortly. One thing here is important, your exact information. Otherwise, you will face difficulty in processing your tourist card. So please make sure you enter your right pieces of information.

  1. Documents:

Which documents do you need to upload? Wait a while, and I will let you know. You just need to have your passport handy along with personal details (name, DOB, address, etc.) and flight details to enter while filling your form. You can’t apply for a Mexico tourist card unless you have your valid passport.

  1. Working email Id

After the processing period, you will get an Email from natvisa about your Mexico tourist card. Here you will find a soft copy of your card. Just download and print out it at your home and go to Mexico. After getting it, there is 180 days validity per entry.

  1. Payment

For online tourist cards, you need to pay online through your debit card or any other online paying service like PayPal, if convenient. It will be safe for your time and easy or secure way of transaction.

After all of this, you need to wait for 1 working day. You will receive your tourist card to enjoy your tourism.

Covid 19 restrictions

Entry: Allowed

Health Declaration: You just need to fill the online form.

Although covid 19 all types of activities disturb, Mexico has a piece of good news for their tourists. There is no restriction for entry in Mexico. You can move for tourism but by following the care instructions. The most important thing to go to Mexico in a covid situation is to clarify the health-related details by visiting the site. It will take 5 to 10 minutes only. 

Final thoughts

In the final word, all tourists need to have a Mexico tourist card for tourism that you can easily avail of through the online services of natvisa.com with full customer support and an online application facility. Please have a good time, and let’s enjoy our rush-free fast services.