Mobile banking Zimbabwe

Mobile banking in Zimbabwe is the act of making financial transactions on a mobile gadget. This can be as easy as a bank sending a fraud or usage activity alert to a customer’s mobile phone or a complex as client paying an invoice to a vendor or sending cash to a family member who live abroad.

digital banking in Zimbabwe is a service offered by a bank or other financial institution permit its customers to perform financial transactions remotely using a mobile gadget such as tablet or Smartphone. Unlike mobile banking Zimbabwe, banking typically uses a mobile banking app in Zimbabwe that is provided by the financial institution for this objective.



It has been proven that people spend as much as eighty percent of their time on their mobile gadgets. This shows how relax most people are with their gadgets. Hence, we can forever access our mobile banking app in Zimbabwe at the ease of our offices, homes, and every other location.


Ease of access

Before the introduction of mobile banking in Zimbabwe, all the financial transactions have to be carried out in the bank. Sometimes, people get extremely sad when they arrive at the bank after the closing hour.

But with digital banking Zimbabwe, we do not have to make the long trip to the bank for an easy transfer or wait till the next day to make a complaint, we can do that from the relaxation of our homes. We can simply access our account 24/7 and transfer funds whenever it is required.


Helps you track your finances

Managing your accounts via a mobile banking app in Zimbabwe also puts you in charge of your money and helps you better calculate your financial standing. You can forever check your account balance and transfer money from a different account if need be.



Most times when we go to the bank to transfer big funds to another account we tend to look back to sure no one is watching or when we go to the ATM stand to withdraw, we try to cover up all open areas to stop the person at the back from viewing your password.

With the accessibility of mobile banking app in Zimbabwe, we can do transactions with relaxation of mind, knowing full well that nobody is watching. Your personal data and bank account are fully safe if you use mobile banking services.