When a home appliance such as the refrigerator, washing machine, or microwave gets damaged, what is your first intuition? If you’re like most homeowners, you will call or search for any online appliance repair service. You will try to get a repair mechanic to show up.

But, most of the appliance issues are simple enough that you can repair them by yourself? Moreover, most repairs need only essential equipment that you may already have at home. So get your toolbox and be ready to call yourself an appliance master after you tackle these tasks. It will save both money and time.

Washing Machine Problems

1. Smelly Washing Machine

An awful smell in your washing machine can surpass the objective of the appliance. What if you’re striving to get your fresh clothes, but your washing machine isn’t cooperating? We will tell you what to do:

  • Pour half-cup of the baking soda and two cups of white vinegar into the drum.
  • Now run a cycle with hot water to eliminate the smell.

The lousy odor appliance issue often appears in front-loading washers. To avoid future smells, leave its door open in between washes to let it dry out.

2. Washing Machine Not Draining

Please take a deep breath and calm yourself because it is usually more accessible than it is dirty.

  • You need to remove the drain pump
  • Now check if there is any blockage like paper towels, a wad of socks, or other tiny objects.
  • If you find nothing, you need to replace the pump or call a repair person to know the real reason for the problem.

Dishwasher Problems

1. Dishwasher Leaks Onto The Floor

  • Firstly, check the door of your dishwasher and door gasket. Look for any damage, cracks, or massive debris that could be stopping the door from closing up fully.
  • Try clearing up your door gasket with any disinfectant.
  • But, if you notice any vast cracks, you will likely require to replace the gasket.

2. Dishes Are Not Coming Out Clean

If your dishwasher does not properly clean the dishes and it appears to be inefficient, you may need to do some repairs.

  • It would be best if you began by running a wash cycle utilizing a dishwasher cleaner without dishes in the dishwasher.
  • It will flush dirt or oil out of your washer.
  • You should also look at the unit’s strain screen, door gasket, and sprayer arms and eliminate any food waste or grease within the department.

Stove Problems

1. Gas Burner Is Heating Slowly

A slowly heating cooktop can change into a significant problem no matter what sort of cooktop you possess. If you have a gas cooktop, this problem could be because of the clogging of burner openings with residue. The debris makes the flames weak and small. You can quickly fix it by thoroughly cleaning your whole stovetop.

  • Switch off and disconnect your cooktop.
  • Then take out the burner caps and grates.
  • Please give them a good soak in your sink with some hot water and soap.
  • Rub the top with a stiff brush.
  • Now, wipe down the cooktop with a wet sponge and take a toothpick to eliminate food or other junk from the gas valves.
  • Vinegar and Baking soda can also help your cleaning routine.

2. You Can’t Set The Heat On Your Stove

Occasionally, electric stoves have trouble where they are either completely off or completely on. When this occurs, it usually implies that there is an issue with the infinite switch.

This switch is responsible for controlling the power that moves to the burner; when there is a fault in an infinite switch, the regulation of fuel stops. Getting a new infinite switch is a simple and common repair for this problem.

Refrigerator Problems

1. Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough.

It is a common issue that is usually simple to fix. If you see this problem in your freezer, look out if the backside wall of the freezer is cold. If it is cold, examine if you can listen to the sound of the evaporator fan. Also, check if you can sense air flowing from the ducts of your freezer. If you can not, then it is most probably an issue related to the freezer evaporator fan.

Now, you should inspect the refrigerator’s compressor. Clean any dirt that could be staving off air from running across the coils. These condenser coils discharge heat from the fridge into the outside.

2. Continuous Water Leakage

When the water supply line freezes, it splashes water continuously, resulting in a leakage. Another reason is the clogging of a hose with vegetable leaves, food particles, etc. You can fix it by using a tub of mild hot or warm water to clear the clogging within no time.

You can also clear it with anything with a bent end. Slowly remove the trash with a few attempts.


As a homeowner, you want your home appliances to operate smoothly so you can live your life with the slightest disturbances. Unluckily, nothing lasts always, and that goes twice for home appliances. Especially refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, etc., that have specified lifespans.

Hence when they get broken, you require fixing them right away by yourself or by any nearby appliance repair for home.