Why Wings Taste Better at Home

Almost everyone likes wings. With a wide variety of flavors, from spicy to sweet, there is a wing for all taste buds. Plus, you add in complementary dipping sauces, and eating wings becomes that much more fun. Although there are a lot of restaurants that serve wings, sometimes it is nicer to eat them at home. First of all, you can watch what you want on television or just skip the noisiness of a busy restaurant. Second of all, wings can be pretty messy. And face it, you really do not want to be out in public with sauce all over your face and fingers. Thankfully, with chicken wing delivery, eating wings at home just got easier.

Try These Family Favorite Chicken Wings from Papa John’s

One of the places that delivers chicken wings near me is Papa John’s. It offers a variety of options so that everyone in your family will be happy. Two of the favorites are traditional buffalo and the honey chipotle wings. Parents love the spicy kick of the buffalo wings, which are baked in the oven and then tossed with a spicy, tangy buffalo sauce. Try them with the blue cheese or ranch dressing.

For those who like a little sweetness with spice, the honey chipotle wings are a hit. The honey balances the smoky, spicy flavor of chipotle pepper, which makes these wings addictive. Try it with a dipping sauce like ranch, honey mustard, or the special garlic sauce.

If you have picky eaters at home, order the unsauced wings. This is a good choice for kids who like to dip their food but do not like any spice. To accompany the tender roasted wings, try one of the many dipping sauces such as:

  • Ranch
  • Blue cheese
  • Buffalo
  • Garlic
  • Barbeque
  • Honey chipotle
  • Honey mustard
  • Cheese

Why Papa John’s BBQ Wings Are Some of the Best

For those who like their wings on the sweet side, you cannot go wrong with Papa John’s BBQ wings. Unlike other places that throw on a thin barbecue sauce as an afterthought, these oven-baked wings are coated in a thick sauce that is a bit sweet and a bit smoky. These wings go great with the honey mustard and honey chipotle dipping sauces, but you can choose whichever sauce sounds the best to you. Search for bbq wing delivery and you can be enjoying these smokehouse-style wings in no time.

Save Money on Your Wings

Papa John’s delivers quality as well as savings. Search online for the store closest you and see what weekly specials they are offering. You may find specials on pizza and wing combinations or on a side of wings. You can also sign up for additional promotions that are sent to your email or phone.

You also get rewarded for being a loyal customer. Sign up for Papa Rewards, order through the app or online, and earn one point for every dollar. In no time you will have 75 points, which results in a $10 credit you can use on your next order. The next time you are craving wings, contact Papa John’s for delivery or carry out.