Positive Stress

It’s a well-known myth that stress is bad. When the truth is that there are different types of stress. The only stress that causes distressing, negative, and sad emotion is unhealthy. However, a famous psychologist suggests that positive stress is a good thing. It helps in the proper functioning of life.

· Definition

Positive stress is also known as eustress. You must have experienced this particular good stress in various situations. You maybe want to take the job at a particular firm just because the thought of working at that company is so exciting. There are many experiences in life that are memorable because of eustress.

Some common examples of eustress are hiking, rock climbing, hoping for the best grades in the class, and going on a blind date. The main difference between positive stress and negative stress is feeling. In positive stress, you won’t want to crumble to ashes. You feel joy, excitement, and enlightenment. Everything is positive stress is inside your comfort zone most of the time.

However, every person is different, and the way they experience positive stress might be different from usual. Going on a blind date isn’t exciting for everyone. Some people might become stressed out just by the mere thought of it. Meanwhile, other people might view this as a life-changing experience.

Some people who are affected by the MTHFR gene defect go through periods of extreme stress that may translate into depression later. For MTHFR patients with depression issues, doctors recommend taking L-methylfolate 5mgon a daily basis.

· Is stress really good?

We as human beings usually tend to look toward negativity more. We don’t look at the positive aspects of things. We usually overlook them. Negative stress is a serious matter; it can destroy the mental and physical health of a person to a drastic level. There are many therapies to treat these patients. However, eustress is always an excitement to accomplish your goals. While under negative stress, a person doesn’t even feel concerned about the surroundings, achievements, and events.

· Effects

Good stress has numerous benefits. Keep working, don’t exhaust yourself, and enjoy the process. You will definitely feel good even after completing a huge task. You will see numerous positive changes in this journey. Your mental health will start improving, self-esteem will increase, and you will feel motivated to do anything.

· Produce positive stress

Let me share about how you can produce positive stress and excel in life. Take that crucial project to your work. Don’t miss this opportunity. Realize your worth and that you are capable of doing it without any issues.

Start following a workout routine. Follow the routine daily. Challenge yourself with more healthy workouts. This way, your physical health will also improve. With the passage of time, you will see visible positive changes in your body. Start reading a book daily. Challenge yourself to read at least one page per day even if you don’t have enough time. This way, you will develop a healthy habit of book reading.

Final Thoughts

Coping with stress is never an easy task. However, you can use this for your benefit. Turn the tables, and make yourself strong and brave. Keep on finding ways to get more positive stress in your life. Positive stress can change your life.


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