Risks Associated with DIY House Moving
Risks Associated with DIY House Moving

Moving house is a challenging task that can wreak havoc on your personal and mental health.

From packing your belongings to renting a truck, there is a lot on your plate that can make you anxious and tired.

The best way to get quick stress relief is by hiring professional moving services.

From packing to loading and unloading your stuff, the experts offer a host of services to make your relocation a lot easier. Visit Cbdmovers and learn how they can help you in reducing the moving risks.

However, if you have decided to take things into your own hands, get ready to experience an entire set of hurdles.

DIY house moving may sound fun but it can turn your moving adventure into a big mess.

Some of the potential risks are:

1.   Personal injuries

Moving, loading and unloading bulky furniture and electronic items yourself can increase the chance of injuries and can ruin your relocation.

For instance, lifting a heavy coach can cause severe back pain, muscle pull or sprain your ankle.

You may even fall or drop a moving container and sustain a serious injury.

Tips to avoid injuries are:

  • Seek the help of your friends and family members
  • Use moving equipment like a dolly, hand truck, etc.
  • Use proper lifting techniques
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Keep pathways clear and obstacle-free
  • Dress appropriately
  • Stay hydrated

2.   Damaged items

What can be more disappointing than finding a crushed box full of broken items?

When attempting the DIY move, it may be hard for your items to remain intact and survive the relocation safe and sound.

Items can get damaged due to the following reasons:

  • Inadequate packing material
  • Lack of experience
  • Improper packing techniques
  • Packing all the stuff together
  • Not using moving equipment
  • Following wrong loading and unloading practices

Tips to prevent any harm to your items are:

  • Use sturdy and durable moving containers
  • Use moving blankets to cushion the items in the moving truck
  • Fill the empty spaces in boxes with packing peanuts
  • Wrap every item individually with bubble wrap
  • Use high-quality packing tape to seal boxes
  • Label boxes

3. Property damage

The DIY house move can affect your old and new house.

Lack of knowledge and not having enough tools may easily result in:

  • Scratched floor
  • Broken tiles
  • Damaged carpets
  • Chipped walls and stairs

Some ways to keep your property safe are:

  • Cover your floor with old clothes and cardboards
  • Avoid dragging furniture
  • Use corner protectors to secure edges of furniture items
  • Invest in moving tools like sliders, hand trucks, etc.

Property damage can cost you a fortune so be extra cautious and careful.

4. Loss of money

It may seem that the DIY house move is more cost-effective than hiring a moving company. However, it is not. You waste a good amount of money in the process by paying for:

  • Moving vehicle rental cost
  • Packing supplies
  • Moving equipment
  • Fuel cost
  • Road toll and taxes
  • Moving insurance

Apart from the above, you may have to pay a hefty price for repairs or replacements in case any of your items get cracked or stolen.

5. Loss of time

Moving house is a long and time-consuming process, especially when you are doing all the tedious tasks on your own.

Arranging a moving truck, packing household items, setting utilities, loading and unloading stuff all requires a good amount of time and effort:

For instance, the packing process solely requires a couple of days.

In the moving chaos, even a single mistake can drain your several hours and delay your move.

In the end…

Yes, the DIY house move lets you control the entire process. However, this brave decision of yours can do more harm than good.

It can completely drain you by the end and you will be left with no time and energy to decorate your new home and adjust to your new surroundings.

So, it’s always better to seek professional help to avoid any consequences.