A person can face so many different types of electrical issues that can be quite dangerous, and for that, they have to call the electrician who can handle it. For every work, you need a specialist who has complete knowledge about that work, and when it comes to the electrician, it is a very risky job. And it is important for the person to be qualified and have knowledge about everything. And if you need the electrician for the underground work or fitting the electrical wires to the connecting points in the new house or to fit the private poles, you will need the Level 2 Electrician Castlecrag.

You may have heard before that a Level 2 Electrician is different from the regular electrician that comes to your house to repair the electrical appliances. They are completely different from each other. If you want to know about it, you can check out this article, and you will learn many new things!

Normal Electrician- Normal electrician is the person who focuses on the maintenance and repair of the things that you may need in the house or even at the workstation. They do simple tasks such as repairing the sockets, losing ends of the switches, repairing the writing system in your house if there is any fault; it also helps in installing and repairing the ground fault circuit interrupters. If you talk about the normal electrician, they are only licensed or authorized to do the work connected to the property and help improve the electrical network capacity.

Level 2 Electrician- If you talk about the Level 2 Electrician, they are completely different from the normal electrician. It is because, for the Level 2 electrician, you will require the proper qualifications and training. They are not trained for repairing any maintenance, they do these things, they have knowledge about that but they also do many other advanced things such installing, connecting & disconnecting and many other services which are required. They provide the services such as handling the underground and overhead power supply in your home or offices and many other things.

Services provided by the Level 2 Electrician

If you are talking about the Level 2 Electrician, then you may know that they are highly qualified and the services they provide are different. Some of the services that are provided by the Level 2 Electrician are mentioned in the following point-

Meter installation- One of the main services you can experience or provide by the Level 2 electrician is installing the meter in your house. Every house needs a meter that reads the power supply in the house, and now any electrician can do that. However, it requires an electrician who has the knowledge about it, and they should have the authority and license to install the power meter, and the level 2 electrician can do that. A meter is required by the people or installed in the people’s houses because it keeps track of billing and power usage.

Disconnecting or reconnecting power supply- There are many times when an electricity distributor has to disconnect the connection of power supply from a customer’s house. There can be several reasons you have to disconnect or reconnect the power supply of the customer’s houses. It can be because of some safety reasons, and if the customer has not paid the electricity bill for a long time, they can cut the power supply.

And for this work, an electricity distributor will send a Level 2 Electrician Castlecrag who will come and disconnect the power supply because they have the qualification, skills, or knowledge to do that. Once the issue is resolved, or there are no safety concerns and the person has paid the electricity bill, they will send the Level 2 electrician to reconnect the power supply. Even if you have made the new house, then a level 2 electrician is called so that they can connect the power supply of the house and do everything necessary.

Overhead and underground power supply- Electric power can be transmitted in different ways, and basically, there are two ways, and those are overhead and underground supply. Every type has its own pros and cons, and there can be some special cases that you can consider where one type can be recommended to the other at some point. If you talk about the underground power supply, then it will involve the cables that will pass from underground, whereas if we talk about the overhead, then it will involve the connection of power supply or wires which use the electric poles and other cables to supply the power.

But to do all these things, they require the Level 2 Electrician because they are experienced and prepared to do these things, they will be able to install all underground and overhead power supply. If they see any faulty electric poles or cables, then they replace them.

Upgrade Power- If you are talking about the connection of electricity, it is connected to a single-phase and even 3 phases. Single-phase is used for home or domestic use, but on the other hand, if you talk about the 3 phase, it is mostly used for industrial and commercial use. They have different wires or cables used for different purposes, which should always be confidential, and for that purpose, there is a need for the level 2 electrician.

It is the most dangerous task that any normal electrician cannot do, and there is a requirement of the person who is more qualified for it. They keep all the things in mind and follow all the safety procedures to upgrade the power.


You may have understood from the article that Level 2 Electrician Castlecrag is completely different, and they require different qualifications and training for that purpose. If you require any of these services that are mentioned above, then it is important for you to call them because they will be the only ones who has complete knowledge about it.