Singapore employment pass

The Employment Pass in Singapore is a work pass visa like Work Permit, Personalised Employment Pass Singapore, and S pass Singapore. It permits foreigners to work in Singapore in particular managerial or executive positions. EP is one of the work passes in Singapore that an ex-pat must secure to land a job, same with work permit and S pass Singapore.

If you want to work as a manager or company director, you need to apply for a Singapore Employment Pass. But before you decide on applying for one, there are important things that you need to keep in mind. Here are some of the essential things that you must know and prepare first.

What is an Employment Pass?

Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower issues Employment Pass to foreigners who want to work as professional employees and who want to land in a high-paying job. Unlike the S pass Singapore scheme, this type of work pass allows you to live and get a decent job in Singapore, as well as travel anywhere without the need of applying for an entry visa.

Upon application for a Singapore employment pass, it is valid for 1-2 years in which you can also renew after. If you’re a fresh graduate, and you want to apply for a Singapore Employment Pass, you must have a total fixed salary of SG$4,500 per month. If you’re more experienced, a higher salary range is required. If you’re applying for any management positions, you must have an expected salary of more than S$8,000 per month.

Requirements for Job Bank advertising

Following the Ministry of Manpower’s Fair Consideration Framework (FCF), companies must advertise their vacant job positions first on Jobs Bank for job seekers who are interested to apply and being hired on the position fairly. The Jobs Bank portal is managed by Workforce Singapore (WSG).

These are the following requirements that the advertising must meet:

  • Open to all Singaporeans
  • It should comply with Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices or TAFEP
  • The ad must run at least 28 days prior to the application of EP
  • These are some of the requirements that should be shown in the advertising:
    • Job title and description
    • Job qualification like skills requirements and experiences
    • Salary range (should meet the declared minimum wage of Singapore employment pass
    • Expiry date

For example, a certain company wants to hire an executive director, they should place an advertisement on Jobs Bank first which must run for at least 28 days. If they remove their ad before the 28th day, they won’t be able to hire someone with the said position.

Documents needed to apply for Employment Pass

If you’re ready to apply for an EP, you need to make sure that you have prepared all the documents and requirements needed. Below are the essential documents you should secure prior to applying for Employment Pass:

  • An Employment Pass form 8 which is approved by the employing company in Singapore
  • A copy of your relevant education certificates
  • A copy of your updated resume
  • Testimonials or references from your previous company
  • A passport-size photograph taken within three months
  • A copy of a certain page in your passport
  • A complete copy of your employing company’s business profile
  • A thorough description of your job responsibilities
  • A complete description of the products or activities of your employing company in Singapore

Aside from all of these things listed above, you may need to secure other supporting files. You may also need to translate non-English documents into English. If you can’t provide any of the documents mentioned above, you won’t be qualified to apply for a Singapore employment pass.

What to do if the EP application is rejected?

If your application for an employment pass is rejected, you have at least three months to appeal the decision with the help of your employer, of course. In this kind of situation, your employer can submit more documents and necessary data to the Ministry of Manpower to help them in making further decisions for your EP application.

Many work visa agencies and experts who have experience in the challenges of the EP approval process can provide you assistance throughout the process. Work pass experts can identify why your prior application got rejected and can do the re-application on your behalf to exhibit your capabilities and experience in a way that emphasizes your value as a candidate for the Singapore employment pass.

Hire a work visa company

If you’re a foreigner who wants to settle in Singapore and wants to land a high-paying job, you need to get a Singapore employment pass. There might be other work passes like Work Permit or S pass Singapore that you may apply for, but having an Employment Pass brings a lot of advantages. You just need to secure first all the documents needed to make a smooth process.

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