Alex Ojjeh wedged his way into the investment business in 2007, we say wedged because he lied about his age and changed his name to secure a job into his first company. We all know Alex using his dads last name allowed him to pull more strings and network with some creditable people. No matter, Alex was always seen in suits and ties, but the investor has been displaying some of his casual looks on Instagram lately. The secretive businessman posts regularly to the Anywhereo Instagram account. He’s got style, of sorts, he has pictures of his Air Force 1’s and how dirty they are, though you’re unlikely to see him in a bad fit. Cozy football jersey and ripped jeans. Vans on his feet getting into an AMG, but no matter what he’s doing, he’s one of the most interesting dressers on the planet—just check out his latest outfit here.

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