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The Best Watches in 2020-21 for Young Males

The Best Watches in 2020-21 for Young Males

“Manners makes man” goes the old saying. However, in my world, I like to think it’s the watches that we buy that do the making. My father, a former Marine and a Vietnam war veteran, used to talk a lot about how boot camp separates the men from the boys. As a child, I used to look at his army issue GG-W-113 timepiece and imagine you get the watch once you prove you are a man and not a boy.

It left a lasting impression on me. One where I budgeted for watches, saving money on things like affordable Spectrum internet packages. 20 years later, I have a decent-sized collection of over 40 watches, some dating as far back as my early teens. Now that I have a son of my own to pass on my wisdom to, I thought I’d make a list of the absolute must-have watches for boys ready to jump into manhood. Read on for more.

Fossil Grant Leather Chronograph

In my opinion, Fossil watches look best with the company’s signature leather straps. The Grant Leather chronograph is by far one of my favorite watches from Fossil so far. It comes in 15 different versions, each one with an aesthetically contrasting dial. The watch adds a refined look to your wrist with bold Roman numerals and 3 separate smaller dials in the watch face. It is not waterproof but resists water up to 50m. Even if the watch was waterproof, I would still advise against swimming or other water activities while wearing it. The water will end up damaging the premium leather band that adds so much to the watch’s personality.

Michael Kors Lexington

This is a big-boy watch, not for the casual dresser or the careless owner. Michael Kors is one of the best-known fashion retail brands in the world. Their Lexington watch line certainly lives up to the brand’s reputation. It makes a statement that just can’t be ignored. The Lexington is the perfect timepiece for a formal black-tie dinner, a prom night, a wedding, or even a casual Friday at the office. The Lexington has seven metal variants and as many color variants as well. Like Fossil, Michael Kors makes full use of the contrasting dial with 3 smaller subdials. The watch is made of a two-tone stainless steel case and strap, one that leaves a lasting impression.

Casio G-Shock

Who hasn’t heard of Casio’s iconic G-Shock? Widely recognized as one of the toughest and hardiest watches the manufacturer has ever made, the G-Shock has been around for many years. The G-Shock isn’t your average timepiece. The latest version comes with 3 sensors that allow it to display an altimeter, a barometer, a compass, and even a thermometer. The G-Shock is built to handle extreme environments and can take a lot of abuse. If you want a chunky watch that lasts without any expensive maintenance or cleaning, the G-Shock is your best friend.

Casio Pro-Trek

Of course, while the G-Shock is by far one of Casio’s most popular outdoor watches, the manufacturer also has several other lines. The Pro-Trek is the polar opposite of its G-Shock cousin. Where the G-Shock is chunky, robust, and hardy, the Pro-Trek is sleek, refined, and almost delicate. However, it still has many of the same functions as the G-Shock. It comes with an altimeter, barometer, compass, and thermometer. It has a tasteful analog display as well as a tiny LED screen to project the day and time. The Pro-Trek also has solar input like the G-Shock and is similarly resistant to water for up to 100m.

Daniel Wellington

If you thought all the watches on this list would be ones that you only wear to special occasions or on outdoor adventures, guess again. If you want a sleek, elegant, and hip watch that is in tune with modern fashion, Daniel Wellington is the way to go. The watch is perfect for everyday use, being both stylish as well as not over-the-top. Unlike the other watches on this list, this one is pretty basic in terms of functionality. It has a single analog dial, with quartz movement, and resist water for up to 30m. However, it makes up for its bare-bones look with an understated elegance that captures attention immediately.

Watches offer a glimpse into your style, taste, and even your personality. I have yet to see a Fossil fan give Spectrum customer support reps a tough time. Similarly, I haven’t met a G-Shock owner that doesn’t want to go hunting every season. If you know what to look for, you can tell a lot about a person simply by examining the watch they are wearing. Hopefully, these watches will meet with your approval and prove a welcome addition to your own growing collection.