The Negative Storm Of Nepotism In Hollywood & Bollywood
The Negative Storm Of Nepotism In Hollywood & Bollywood

The Negative Storm Of Nepotism In Hollywood & Bollywood

From famous actor Anil Kapoor’s daughter to Uma Thurman’s daughter, the biz world is full of star kids. Everybody knows that if they’ve got celebrity parents, their chances in the film industry appear to enhance significantly.

But if we’re serious about equality, this trend has to change.

We’ve spent our entire childhood saw the seeds of nepotism sprouting in the biz world. If you are not aware of this term, nepotism can be described as biased favoritism granted to bloodline but also includes close friends and relatives.

The common fields where nepotism is more common are politics, business, and entertainment, sports, and religion.

On the whole, nepotism is a bad thing, and everyone will agree to it (even those who promote it).

How nepotism wave is sprouting in the Biz world

Here are some interesting details that will help you understand the deep roots of nepotism.

How it all started?

Nepotism is ancient, but it’s the dirty secret of both Bollywood and Hollywood. The byproduct of the Bollywood and Hollywood elite we see every often on screens are not more talented than the outsiders, but they get more films, more followers, special privileges, and more money.

Perception or does it really exist?

Here are two examples that would explain this point better. The film ‘Student of the year 2’ starring star kids and Sonchiriya starring all the talented people are released in the same year. Now just look at their ratings SOTY 2.3/10 and Sonchiriya 7.6/10.

Now compare it with the collection of Sonchiriya which gained much higher rating.

I hope this had made clear now how things work.

Actors are speaking about it

The tragic death incident of Sushant Singh Rajput led to an open debate on nepotism and revealed the dark side of this industry. As the negative storm of nepotism is hitting the biz world, more and more actors and talking about it.

The filmmaker and actress Kangna Ranaut was the first one who brings this issue in the limelight and made many bold statements about how outsiders try hard to move up in the industry. She didn’t even shy away from naming and shaming many Bollywood directors and producers including Karan Johar as ‘Flag bearer of nepotism.’

On the other side, many star kids defend themselves. The Hollywood actor Jack Huston, son of Tony Huston, said in an interview, “I am all for nepotism, but family fame cannot help you get a place if you lack talent.”

Plus there are many success stories such as Shahrukh Khan, Irrfan Khan, Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Sharma, Kangana Ranaut and so on. All of them are non-nepotism actors and made quite a big name in the big B town. A great example is Pankaj Tripathi, lead cast in web series Mirzapur 2.

Impacts of nepotism: Star kids versus outsiders

The insider versus outsider debate isn’t new and existing for a long time, but nobody talked about it. Today, this topic has been the talk of the town, and audiences are comparing the performances and privileges of insiders and outsiders.

Here are a few reasons why nepotism should be stopped.

Lack of opportunities

The biggest and central negative outcome of nepotism is no or limited opportunities for true talent. There’s huge talent out there who don’t have access to a single chance in the movie industry.

Chance is given to wrong one

High priority is given to recommendations and undeserving kids of stars because their parents have close ties with big directors. This is a complete injustice.

Severe backlash

If anyone especially an outsider tries to raise their voice against the injustice, he will be slammed, cursed, abandoned and labeled as a wannabee dying for attention.

More struggles for talented people

The criteria for talented folks trying to enter the industry gets more complicated as every director picks star kids for their movies.

Zero choices for the audience

Watching nepotism product, again and again, makes people frustrated as they have no choice left. This can spoil the biz world in the long term.

Who is to be blamed?

No offence, but it is us who have supported them if not fully then partially. The directors and producers cast the same old actors or star kids because we watch them. And this is the reason why we don’t see the new talent on the big screens.

Part of the problem is that the star kids get high promotion since their childhood and can afford every luxury, including best dissertation writing services. Common people already know them and admire them because of their relationship with their celebrity parents.

It’s time to expose and end nepotism

It’s hard to end the nepotistic culture prevalent in Bollywood and Hollywood without the support of established people. A structural shift is needed to eliminate the ‘insider-outsider’ divide and create a more equal opportunity provider entertainment industry.

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