The Thorough Analysis Of CMAT Exam’s Different Sections

Before starting your preparation, you should understand how each section is designed. You should go with sample papers to develop a better understanding of the concept. You may go with the previous year’s question paper to get familiar with the exam pattern. You also get the needed accuracy and speed when you attempt the questions wisely. Checking the CMAT Answer Key is beneficial to understand how you did well in the exam. It gives you a hint on how many answers you did correctly in the exam.

It is quite important to be attentive while doing practice so that you could have a high scored CMAT Result. Any sort of mistake while doing preparation could be corrected and learn more than how you need to deal with it.

Have you also been wondering about section-wise exam analysis? You have landed at the right place. Candidates would truly get an entire idea regarding the sort of questions and difficulty level and so on. Let’s understand the exam pattern in a detailed manner.

  • Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation Oriented Analysis –

There are a total number of 25 questions in this section. This section is comparatively easy in the context of difficulty level. Though, some students probably found it trick if they did not practice putting in their best efforts. In this section, most questions come from Arithmetic, ratio oriented, percentage related, time, and work-oriented. They could be quite interesting to attempt if you put in the best efforts. This section could be a bit tricky and therefore you should put the best efforts into learning this section.

  • The Logical Reasoning Oriented Section To Analysis –

This section also carries a total number of 25 questions. This section is not quite tricky when it comes to a difficult level. Most of the questions were related to different topics such as coding, direction, comparison, distribution arrangement, and so on. These topics require enough attention since they are a bit tricky to understand. After practicing, you should evaluate your performance by going with the sample or mock test. It will give you a much-needed idea of how much you have learned in the exam.

  • Language Comprehension Oriented Analysis –

This section is quite important to explain. This section also carries a total number of 25 questions. They are needed to attend and you should leave any of them if you are not aware of the right answer. These questions are asked to analyze your knowledge. Here, the different level is moderate when it comes to solving the questions related to reading comprehension, verbal ability. The reading comprehension is quite wide and it covers a total number of 6 questions indeed. The rest of the questions were asked right from the verbal ability. Some of the prominent questions from Verbal Ability could be such as para jumble, word analogy, synonyms and antonyms, word analogy, phrase/idiom, and so on.

  • General Awareness Analysis –

This section comes up with a total number of 25 questions. And it is pretty much like the previous year’s questions paper. The general awareness section is quite difficult to attempt. The candidate probably finds these questions quite tricky and complex. But if you did preparation so well then you might not come across any hassle. These questions are asked from different topics including Recent Acts of Parliament, Popular personalities, appointments, and so on. To make yourself good at general awareness, you should also go with the habit of reading different things such as magazines, newspapers and so on.

Conclusion –

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the best exam preparation so that you could have the best results.

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