The importance of good female posture
The importance of good female posture

The importance of good female posture

The causes of bad posture in female population are varied, but they all have both a reason and solution. While the reasons for poor spine alignment can include overweight, poor muscle tone or the wrong position in front of the computer screen, the master solution is the awareness of the body – alongside with some more palpable assistance in the form of posture correcting pieces according to ““.

In addition to back pain or headache, poor posture can lead to more serious and lasting problems: herniated discs, chronic fatigue, premature osteoarthritis and wear of certain body compartments. A very typical problem, especially among women, is hip misalignment, since in the resting position we tend to load all of our body weight on only one of the legs. This misalignment is accentuated due to other external factors, such as the use of high heels.

Whether you are a high-heel enthusiast or not, having good posture is essential for your health. A correct alignment of the body contributes to the proper functioning and coordination of the muscles, ligaments, nerves and other joints. Below we will consider some fundamental points of postural hygiene, so that they can become part of our habits. You will note that these pieces of advice are more adaptive to the dynamics of life as a woman.

 Wearing high heels? Extra posture care required!

Bad posture habits are much more noticeable when you are wearing pumps. In order to keep itself upright, the body works tirelessly. Our muscular and skeletal systems combine their forces to offer us an optimal balance. Having the right posture is a state of muscular and skeletal balance that does not cause any stress on any of the sub-systems of movement is especially important for women who wear high heel shoes. To achieve that, make sure that your eyes, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles form lines parallel to the ground.

Optimal distribution of the bust weight

A correctly chosen bra is of paramount importance for women, and not just for the esthetical reasons. The weight of the bust, especially among women with bigger cup size, is the source of significant strain on the back muscles. A good bra does not only shape and lift your bosom, it helps to distribute the weight in a natural way, so that the back and neck do not experience the uneven load during the day.

At the same time, a good posture corrector bra will help align the shoulders and keep them in place thanks to the broad backside constructed to provide support and comfort to your spine day in, day out.

 Avoid remaining static for long period of time

The body is subjected to continuous micro-oscillations to keep the center of gravity aligned. Understanding that our postural system requires continuous adjustments for its correct functioning can push us to make minimal corrections during the day that can be integrated with the various activities. This can be used to gently reprogram a rigid or pathological postural pattern, giving greater flexibility and trophism to the osteoarticular and muscular system.

Good posture during pregnancy

Female population is especially sensitive to back pain during the months of pregnancy. The weight distribution changes as the gravity center shifts forward. This promotes strain and tension in the lower back and pelvic region of the body. It is very important to tend to you back health with extra zeal during this period, assuming physiologically correct positions when walking, standing, sitting or lying. Your therapist will also help you choose an adapted program for exercising and stretching that help relieve the pain and tension.

Maintain the center of gravity

A fundamental aspect for the static and dynamic balance of the body is the center of gravity, which represents the point of application of all the weight-forces on a body. In the erect individual, the center of gravity can be identified three centimeters in front of the third lumbar vertebra (at the level of the navel). This is the point which can be considered the true center of the body.

To maintain a good balance, our body makes continuous adjustments in relation to the center of gravity. The standard standing posture is given by the extension of the vertical or gravity line inside the support base. In this situation, the muscles work effectively and the thoracic and abdominal organs are in optimal training, with an even distribution of the body weight and a stable position of each joint.

Tone the abdominal muscles

To keep the center of gravity in the position closest to the ideal one, together with the alignment of the lumbar spine, it is essential to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Become aware of monolateralism

Each of us mainly uses a part of the body, the right or the left, to carry out most of the daily gestures. This choice has numerous advantages (such as speed and precision), but it can create slight imbalances in muscle tone, which sometimes show themselves as real asymmetries. Ambidextrous and left-handed people are generally better protected as they learn to use both sides. Being aware of this, in any case, allows engaging the muscles of the less-used side of the body and therefore mitigating the disorders of monolateralism.