Tips to Prevent Your Eye Makeup Smudge-Proof

Eye makeup is an important element of your look. If it’s smudged and all-around your eyes, no matter humidity, heat, sweat, or tears, it’s far from flattering. Your eye makeup must always be on point. Flawless eye makeup makes your eyes look prominent and attractive. It adds confidence and volume to your look. Smudged eye makeup is enough to frustrate anyone.

To help you get the perfect eye makeup and retain the makeup in its place, we have listed a few tips that might be helpful.

  • Wash your skin 

Before you proceed to apply any kind of makeup or cosmetics on your skin or eyes, you must clean the area. Make sure your eyes are a clean slate before you apply makeup. Pay extra attention to your lids. Often our lids accumulate oil and become greasy. So, make sure you clear your skin, getting rid of every bit of oil on your face.

  • Apply primer over your face

Since we are talking about eye makeup here, we would suggest applying an eye primer around your eyes. Had it been about face makeup, we would have advised applying a primer evenly over your face. A primer forms the base of the makeup and allows the makeup to settle on a place easily. For eye makeup, apply primers that are specifically meant for eyes. There are a lot of such products available in the market nowadays. Go through them and check their reviews before buying.

  • Use waterproof makeup products

If your eye shape is the reason why your eye makeup doesn’t stay in place and smudges all-around your eyes, you must opt for long-lasting or waterproof makeup items. Some of the major cosmetic brands have an entire range of waterproof cosmetics. Surely, they are expensive but effective. Visit a makeup expert to know about the kind of waterproof products you require.

  • Set your look 

Once you are done applying eye makeup and you are satisfied with your look, set everything. You can use pencils or creamy textures matching the colour of your eye shadow powder. However, do not overdo it. You can also prefer to use blotting powder. While adding the final touches of makeup, if your eye makeup gets completely washed away, you can always go back and put another layer of your makeup to get a fortified and prominent look. Make sure your eye makeup is complete and on point.

  • Carry an eye makeup remover in hand

This is important because you don’t want people to see you in your smudged eye makeup look. That would be extremely awkward and embarrassing. So, prepare yourself to wipe out smudged makeup and relieve you of stress. However, make sure to check your makeup from time to time and clean up any smudges in a pinch.

Your eyeliner and eye shadow and kajal probably don’t take much room in your handbag. So, it’s best to carry them with you so that you can have them for immediate touch-ups. Also, never forget to carry your favourite lip shade to ace your look!