website design trends in 2021

What can we expect in 2021 in the web design world? Natural motives, retro style, 3D illustrations, the gold rush, and more. One of Auckland website design companies gives some ideas which colour palettes, shapes and textures to choose for creating projects.

Website design trends to inspire you.

Website design is a means of visual communication, a kind of reflection of reality. Through colors, illustrations, fonts, presentation, designers speak to the world. Now is the time when you want to become closer to people through art! It is this concept that will go through all the design trends of 2021.

1. Inspiration is around us! Natural shapes and shades

During self-isolation, everyone sharply wanted to leave the city, to end up in a house by the lake, in the forest or in the mountains. Urbanism began to lose track of natural forms. We are sure that due to the impossibility of going to nature, people will look for natural forms in everything that surrounds them. Therefore, in 2021, illustrations with plants, wood or stone textures will become especially popular.

People have learned to live in a pandemic, but they really want to relax, to return to the previous way. Many begin to get acquainted with meditations, go to the forests for retreats. As it turned out, living far from cities is safer. Therefore, it is in 2021 that natural motives will prevail in web design.

Eco-branding will gain momentum in 2021 – it is the sustainable design of a brand. To save ink or paper when printing business cards or energy consumption by using “economical” colors such as black or green. Plus, eco-friendly fonts can help you save up to 25% on ink when printing. For example, the famous Ecofont(based on the dotted concept). More eco fonts are likely to arrive in 2021.

2. Fine Art Infusion

Infusion Art is a website design trend that emerged in 2008. Literally means “infusion of art” when creating a product design.

Painting gives versatility and depth to design. This trend will look best in product design: it is suitable for wine labels, cosmetic packaging.

Even simple paint strokes convey specific emotions to consumers.

3. Old school style

Using retro styling in 2021 designs is a great marketing ploy to attract customers of all ages. It is sometimes pleasant for everyone to go back in time and feel nostalgic.

Filters with old movie-based effects will become even more popular on social media. The new generation also loves vintage to touch the “forgotten beauty” that parents and grandmothers talk about. Use this trick in web and graphic design!

4. “Gold bowl, gold chains!” – brilliant design in trend

Gold, highlights, and metallic will be trendy in 2021, along with pleasing natural hues and retro designs. Designers started experimenting with various metal elements back in 2020. But in 2021, a real “gold rush” may occur!

Use any metallic design: matte and shiny surfaces, reflective lighting effects, embossed and scratched textures.

5. Geometric shapes in printed materials

Geometric shapes are not a new trend. Rather, reborn again. In 2021, it is the bright combinations that will look interesting. A similar design is suitable for corporate identity, packaging, posters and any other printed matter.

To attract attention, it is better to use complementary combinations: red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange.

6. Thin-outline illustrations for posters and packaging

Users love cartoon characters on packages and posters. In 2021, the design trend is light lines in illustrations and simplicity in execution. The simpler the better! Characters are instantly memorable, making them great for branding.

7. Explosion of colour! Very bright abstract illustration

2021website design is calm natural colour combinations, then for posters, notebooks, prints for clothes, you should not be afraid to use bright colours in the design.

8. Object in space

In 2021, the design trend is the arrangement of objects as if in an infinite space. It turns out the effect of light futurism! It is preferable to choose the background in bright colours: blue, yellow, pink, purple.

9. 3D illustrations

3D design will continue to fascinate users. In 2021, designers will create stunning 3D graphic design compositions, combining photographs and three-dimensional objects.

10. Optical illusion

Create hypnotic designs in 2021. The wow effect is especially important if the brand is associated with an idea of ​​movement, fantasy, or spirituality. Optical illusion is the very thing to hypnotize users a little.

11. Animated logos

Animated logos have not left the top for several years. In year 2021, they are still in trend! The logo is the first thing we see when entering an application or website, so it should be memorable.

Many of the website design trends of 2021 are a continuation of the trends of recent years. All the attention of web designers in 2021 will be directed to combining different styles to mix fantasy with reality.

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