Tennessee has long been a state that has closely been associated with music, as the state has played an important role in many different genres. As a way of honoring the importance of music to the state, several different musical attractions have popped up across the state. All of these music attractions are great in their own way, but there are a select few that you truly can’t miss. So if you just purchased a piece of Knoxville real estate and are looking to experience some of the state’s music history, what attractions should you visit? Here are the top five music attractions to see in Tennessee.

Country Music Hall of Fame

If you know anything about country music, then you probably know of the genre’s close ties with the state of Tennessee. It should come as no surprise then that the genre’s Hall of Fame is located in the Volunteer State. The Country Music Hall of Fame is a bastion of country music, displaying thousands of artifacts that have significance to the genre. Artifacts in the museum include instruments of famous country musicians, stage costumes, and microphones used to record some of the biggest hits in country music history. The museum is one of the biggest collections of musical artifacts in the country, as it details the history and growth of country music. As a result, if you’re a music fan visiting Tennessee, then you absolutely have to check this location out.


Another fantastic music destination to visit while in Tennessee is Graceland, the former home of the legendary Elvis Presley. After Elvis Presley’s death in 1977, Graceland fell into the possession of others in the Presely family. The legendary singer’s family decided to open up the mansion as a public museum dedicated to Elvis’ life and legacy. As a result, the museum opened its doors in 1982, before later being designated as a historical landmark. Elvis is one of the most legendary figures in American music, and few people had as big of an impact on the industry than the “King of Rock.” Today at Graceland, you can learn all about the history of Elvis, explore his own home, and even see some amazing artifacts that are directly related to him. All music lovers are familiar with Elvis and his impact on the industry, so Graceland is a must-visit for music lovers.

Sun Studios

Although Tennessee has a close association with country music, the state has also played a pivotal role in other genres as well. In fact, the state is actually the birthplace of rock & roll. The first-ever rock & roll song “Rocket 88” was recorded in 1951 at the Memphis Recording Service in Memphis, Tennessee. Later, Elvis Presley recorded songs in the same studio, further adding to the studio’s significance in the rock & roll world. Today the studio is known as Sun Studios and serves as a bastion of music history. If you want to visit a studio that played a major part in creating one of the most important genres in American music, then you definitely need to check out Sun Studios.

Bluebird Cafe

Most of the attractions on this list revolve around experiencing the history of music rather than experiencing new live music. However, Bluebird Cafe bucks this trend, being an attraction that focuses on up-and-coming musicians. At the Bluebird, musicians with extremely bright futures perform, as they use the venue as a springboard to launch their careers from. In addition, here, you might run into some of the biggest names in music, as musicians such as Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks, and Keith Urban have all been spotted at the venue. The Bluebird Cafe is a venue rich with music history while simultaneously serving as a location to foster growing performers, making it a fantastic place for music lovers to visit.


Dolly Parton may be one of the most famous people ever born in Tennessee, and she has done more than enough to enrich the state’s involvement in music history. After launching her successful music career, Parton came in possession of an amusement park in 1986 and would rename the park Dollywood. Although the park primarily serves as a traditional amusement park full of rides and other events, it still is an important musical attraction. Dollywood is the perfect representation of how music and its history have shaped Tennessee’s culture, and the park is well worth the visit.