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Top Men’s Fashion Trends to Invest in This Year!

Top Men’s Fashion Trends to Invest in This Year! 

We can’t talk about big fashion trends without talking about men’s fashion trends, especially when men’s fashion is so underrated! From relaxed baggy silhouettes to clean-cut skinny fits, different kinds of pants made in the USA will make their appearance in our top men’s trends. Here is the lowdown on the top men’s fashion trends you should hold on to!

Mid Wash Denim: The Classic Trend

This is a staple that every man should have. Cool enough for the summers with a casual white tee and easily layered with a sturdy black mafia coat in the winters, denim never fails to be practical. Mid-wash denim is a few shades lighter, goes with just about everything, and easy to dress-up and down. This smartest fashion invention of the modern century is going to be here for a long time!

For the Love of Leather

Nothing can quite beat the appeal and longevity of a good leather jacket! Timeless and rugged, leather will continue to be a trend this autumn and winters. A leather jacket of sound quality can be the best investment you can ever make. Granted that it won’t come cheap, but it will last you a lifetime.

Camp Collar Shirts

Camp Collar shirts add a little bit of extra to the collar shirts. These breezy, summery options offer a nice way around that. Camp collar shirts have been around for some time now and rest assured they are not just a fleeting fad and are here to stay! The touch of the lapel, flat collar transforms a bland look into dapper chic!

Men’s Khakis: Fashionable Yet Functional

While it is true that men love their jeans, there is another kind of pants that can be even more comfortable and versatile than men’s khakis. The history of khaki’s dates back to the era of the military man of the British Indian Empire. Rugged and utilitarian, as well as cool and comfortable, these pants allowed for many an adventure. In the present day, Khakis have the power to be both stylish and functional. More comfortable, and cooler than jeans, Khakis can be styled with everything from a T-shirt to a sportscoat with their neutral and warm hues.

Minimalistic Sandals

We get it, Sandals are not exactly scoring anyone points for being chic, but hear us out! Chunky, minimalist sandals are making a comeback to salvage the battered reputation of these ever-scorned uncool monstrosities. Bolstering looser cuts and relaxed pieces is a trend that has been slowly clawing its way into the fashion game over the last twelve months.

Know Your Soles

Commando soles are the perfect antidote to the street-style chunky sneaker craze. Bulky and bold, nowhere does the commando sole make more sense than in treacherous snow and heavy rainfall. The thick and rugged sole is practical and fully equipped to deal with the colder weather. Not to mention, the addition of chunkiness means you can play with more wardrobe options and layering and of course, more height!

Quilted Jackets!

We can all appreciate the straighter cut of a classic vintage coat but there is something about the soft underbelly of a warm quilted jacket. Except, this time, they are bigger and better than before. Gone are the days when you had to suffer in the name of fashion. Stay snuggling in quilted heaven instead.

Pinstripes Suits for the Win!

Not the most easygoing of looks of all times but a pinstripe suit adds a bit of quirkiness to an elegant suit. Whether you opt for a full suit look or wide-leg trousers, pinstripe print is one of the coolest trends these days! Not to mention, it is the perfect way to dress down a look from formal to business casual but without compromising on your style statement.

Be Smart, & Keep a Cross Body Bag

We all have important stuff that we would love to keep safe and sound. There is no better way to do that than to nab a crossbody bag! Go for a style that is neat and compact and secure your belongings fashionably. Tie a knot in it if the strap is too long for your comfort. Having an accessory is one of the smartest ways to jazz up an outfit!

Stylishly Short Shorts

Over the knee shorts is one of the hot men fashion trends these days! Stylish and comfortable, shorts can be flaunted with a camp collar shirt and a blazer for a preppy look. Shorts are the ultimate answer for a relaxed, casual look. There are a wide variety of men’s shorts in USA to choose from; Denim Shorts, Chino Shorts, Tailored Shorts and Swim shorts!

It comes as no surprise that 2020 has been a hard year for everyone. And while there are so many things we want to leave behind; bad fashion choices are certainly one of them. Whether your style is casual, preppy, or formal, these are some of the styles you should invest in once 2021 resumes.