Top Ten Tips to Create Attractive Business Flyers

Though flyers are affordable and one of the best marketing tools, marketing costs can build up over time. If you are a small business owner, you should make sure that you have invested in effective flyers,
and they keep the potential to divert customers to your store or shop.
In this post, we are sharing the top ten tips to create attractive business flyers so that you can easily
attract the targeted audience. Let’s read on.

1. Mention your Content Briefly

Whether you are designing your flyer for cvs pharmacy weekly ads or directly handing them to your
target audience, you should always keep your content brief. Mention your offers, special prices, and
discounts instead of mentioning non-essential things on the paper.

2. Use Bullet Points and Infographics

Instead of using long paragraphs in your flyer, explain the things in bullet points. You can also use
charts to summarize the information as it will be easier for your audience to digest the information.

3. Add your Contact Information

Adding your contact information is pretty obvious but can be easily forgotten. Sometimes, the
customer decides to visit your store, but what if he has some query related to discounts and offers?
That is where he can contact you and ask about the details. Therefore, it is important to mention
your contact details on the flyer, and the bottom part is usually an ideal place to mention it.

4. Add a Call-to-Action Statement

It is important to mention a call-to-action statement in your ad as it will tell the reader what he has
to do after reading the flyer. For example, you can mention 'Call Us Now' or 'Order Now,' or you can
mention it according to your business.

5. Use Attractive Colors

Color psychology can help you in communicating your message effectively. When you specific colors
in your flyer, they evoke certain feelings in the reader. For example, you can use red color to evoke
the emotion of love if you are offering a valentine service at your restaurant or gift-shop.

6. Use High-Resolution Pictures

We are living in a modern world where people carry up to 64-mega pixel cameras on their phones.
Hence, if you put blurry and jagged photos in your flyer, you will repel the customers instead of
attracting them.
It would be best if you always used high-resolution pictures in your ads as it signifies the
professionalism and quality of your services.

7. Add your Logo

It is obvious but can be overlooked or ignored easily. If you want that people recognize you and your
brand, you can mention your logo in your flyer design along with spreading the word about your

8. Add Directions

It is important to mention the direction for both online and offline businesses. It would be best to
mention the address of your physical shop and online store so that the customer can visit you easily.

9. Always Proof-Read your Content

Mistakes in your content can turn-off the readers. Small mistakes, like grammatical mistakes and
spelling errors, can divert a reader's attention from the information. Hence, it is important to cross-
check your content before sending it to your printing service.

10. Add a Catchy Headline

Instead of picking a regular headline, you can use a catchy and bold headline to encourage your
customers to read further.
The Final Words
After creating effective flyers by following the above tips, you should always choose high-traffic areas
for the distribution. For example, you can choose a bus stop where people stand in line or a famous
shopping mall.