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Introduction to tree services

We are lucky that tree services Austin, Texasis a well-populated sector. We all want the perfect garden. We will happily spend hours digging, pruning, mowing and dead heading. But what if, after all that effort, you still can’t get your garden sorted. There may be an ugly tree stump left over from last winter’s storms. Or the overhanging branches of an apple tree making a dark, damp mossy area underneath that is only suitable for Hostas and slugs!

This is when a call to a tree services company pays dividends. Trees are so important in any garden – they provide height, structure and privacy. They are the architectural background to your delicate plantings.

Most of us enjoy gardening and would not dream of getting someone in to weed the borders or train a clematis over the pergola. Trees, however, present a very different set of problems. Working at heights is not for everyone. Jobs like removing an old tree stump need specialist equipment. Safety is a big factor in the decision to bring in professional arborists – trees are bulky things. Doing it yourself risks damage to buildings, your plants and yourself.

Choosing a contractor tree services company

It is important to choose a reputable company to carry out any tree services in your garden. Word of mouth and personal recommendation are always vital. You want a company that takes a long view – trees take years and decades to grow and mature. Whoever come in to deal with your arboreal problems needs to consider more than the short-term fix. They must also be able to talk to you about the longer-term development and maintenance of your trees. Regular tree pruning keeps trees healthy. It also reduces the risk of damage to your buildings (and keeps your neighboursfriendly) and it reduces the risk of falling branches. Finally, a schedule of pruning keeps your trees looking at their best. A quality arborist never loses sight of this – the balance of the practical and the aesthetics is key in the garden.

Your tree services contractor should be knowledgeable about the diseases that each variety of tree is prone to. They should know how to deal with the diseases and other issues. Always check your contractor’s accreditation and membership of industry bodies. They should also have adequate third-party insurance to cover any accidents or damage to people, plants or property.

Companies like Tommy’s Tree Service in Austin, Texas offer senior citizen discounts of 10%. This is worth having, as specialist tree work can be expensive. Get a detailed quote before work starts so that you know what you are letting yourself in for. Tommy’s Tree Service’s qualified staff will be happy to come in and discuss your needs – they advertise that ‘no job too small or too big’ so give them a try.

ConclusionDo I need a tree services company?

If you have trees to remove or stumps to take out or large amounts of tree pruning, then the answer is yes. These are jobs that should not be undertaken by anyone who is not qualified and experienced. Guide to Decor Home Garden

Get a reputable company in to have a look at your garden and ask them to produce a tree maintenance schedule with a detailed cost breakdown. If you are looking for tree services, Austin Texas then Tommy’s Tree Service is a good place to start.