Glue Gun
Glue Gun

Glue guns are the mainstay of the craft community, including an endless number of possibilities for other artisans. They deal with various products, from paper, lace, and wood to metal and plastic. It’s cheap to start with, and adhesive sticks are readily available, so using an adhesive gun may not be easy. An adhesive gun is a hand-held tool that feeds you a hard tackypost. The insulating material in the gun’s body melts the glue, and as the metal of the glue gun flows, the glue stick is pressed through the glue-gun as a cone-shaped tip.

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Glue-guns come in various shapes and sizes. Can you really know these varieties? If not, here are several new products to consider. We would now summarise the many benefits of glue weapons. So let’s begin.

Glue gun type

Glue-guns come in all types, from a mini-gun a few inches long to industrial pistol-grip models. While some manufacturers supply battery-powered adhesive guns, most models are plug-in units powered by standard home power outlets.

There are many options to consider when you choose the glue gun.

High-Temperature vs. Low-Temperature Gun: Choose a low-temperature gun if you work with kids or with delicate material, which melts the sticky sticks at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. High-temperature guns, suitable for more bulky materials such as wood, are operated at around 380 degrees – a significant difference. Dual-temperature guns offer both options and usually cost a bit more.

Trigger-feed vs. manual-feed gun: Another feature to consider is whether you want a trigger-fed gun or a push-fed model. With the help of the trigger feed, you slip the glue stick in the back, pull it into the heat, and through the nozzle. Trigger-free models are also simple; you push the glue stick with your thumb.


Part of the glue gun appeal is the price: you can pick one for one or two hundred bucks, and a large pack of glue sticks costs just a few dollars. A glue gun has almost infinite use and is beneficial not only for crafts but also for various home repair works. As easy as a used pointing and compression.

The adhesive is powerful and has excellent staying power, even in the ingredients. It binds instantly and cools relatively quickly to the touch. For people bothered with ordinary clean glue, the sticks are available in different colors and come in the womb with some glitter.


Here are some projects for which a glue gun is effective:

Add beads or other decorations to glass, wood, ceramics, stone, brick, metal, or other materials.

  • Repair chair seats for a new look.
  • Make silk- or dried-floral crafts.
  • Grape wreath offering pine cones and other natural items for wooden greetings.
  • Attach corded trim or rack to projects.
  • Arrange photo frames with Seashell from vacation on the beach.
  • Decorate a Halloween costume for extra-special looks.