How Covid-19 Impacted Custom Packaging?
How Covid-19 Impacted Custom Packaging?

Unexpected moving expenses you need to know about

When moving or relocating there are some unexpected moving expenses that people have to know. Even if you plan a move perfectly, you may run into unexpected expenses. These unexpected expenses can add up quickly. In an ideal world, you will have money saved up in case of emergencies. If you are not moving yet, but if you are planning of moving, start saving now! Here are some potentially unexpected costs associated with relocation and removals companies

  1. Storage costs

If for some reason you are not able to move into your new home or company office right away, or you realize that your new home or your company office is smaller than you thought, you may need to organize for storage space for some of your properties. Whether you choose a short-term option as a bridge or are looking at longer-term storage for valuables or furniture, there will be a cost involved. Your full-service moving services may be able to help find a good storage facility, so you ask first.

  1. Changes in insurance coverage or rates

Your address affects your insurance whether it is your health, your car, your rental insurance, reporting your new address could shift your rates even if you only moved across township. If you are moving out of province, you may be faced with finding a new insurance company, or you may just see a shift in rates and fine-print. With a bit of luck, you are one of the lucky ones who only see rates go down, but it is wise to do some research in advance to expect the effect it will have on your budget. Also be sure to choose your moving insurance in advance you will get a better deal than if you do things last minute.

  1. Replacement costs

When moving, even if you and everyone are as careful as you can be, even if you do your best to secure items in the truck, things can break. Those can be small things, like drinking glasses, or big things, like your television set. All you can do is your best, but realize that you might have to replace something.

  1. Disassembling and reassembling costs

Professional furniture dismantling and reassembly is an extra service and all things considered, it will cost you extra. Some furniture in your home may be difficult to move in only one piece. Movers offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services for an additional charge. And while movers can disassemble and reassemble some simple pieces, other pieces, like a lofted bed or a particularly big couch, might require you to hire an expert to do it for you.

  1. Utilities fees or costs

Of course, you will have utility costs in your new place, as you did in your old one. Know what the property-owner pays, and what you pay. There are also often activation costs related with utilities, such as gas and electricity. This could cost you some thousand rand up-front. If your previous home was heated with gas, will you need to pay to leave a full tank? Perhaps a cord of wood? Some electric companies charge a small fee for changing over the billing party, and many internet providers will treat you like a new customer who has never had the internet in that space before. Be sure you are clear what you are stepping into with utility costs, and what you will need to take care of before you can leave your previous home.

  1. Packing supplies

This cost only applies if you are packing yourself. It is recommended letting movers do the packing for you, but if you are moving on a budget and decide to do the packing yourself, don’t forget that you will need to invest in supplies like bubble wrap, boxes, and tape. The cost of these supplies can add up quickly. The better quality of these supplies and therefore more expensive supplies you buy, the more protected your things will be.

In conclusion, you have to anticipate what expenses you can, and have money set aside for those that you can’t. That way, even when you do have to spend an extra night in a hotel or replace your office chair, you will still be able to settle in happily to your new place.